Friday, August 24, 2012

Waves are risin' for this time of year

So Whitecrow is gone. He kinda floated out on Tuesday. Good riddance.

I don't miss him, and I don't think anyone does. You know, it was sorta hilarious to watch him talk of big game, act like a douche, pick a fight with Lucylu....and then spend the rest of the week huddled in his bed like a little ninny! Hah. What goes around comes around, cockshiner.

Everyone got to breathe again, finally, without having to worry about his stanky birdy stank getting in their noses. We've all been so seriously stressed out, so it's a nice change. Tori has been committing laptop homicide....unfortunately, Lucylu committed the electronic version of involuntary manslaughter via a cup of coffee right around the same time. Oops. I've gotten Diesel to bring her back a shiny new laptop, though. With luck, this one won't meet with such a terrible fate.

I think there's something else on Lucylu's mind too, though. And I think I know what that is. Just  a hunch. Haha. It's not like her to stay off of the computer this long. I'll see if I can't prod her into coming clean about it tonight.



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ELiRR said...

Anyone know if Lucia is ok?