Monday, June 18, 2012

A bleeding heart still pounds

Well, let's see, what's new here?

Lucylu's gotten her voice back from Ursula the, no, I wasn't watching The Little Mermaid or anything like that, why the hell are you looking at me that way? Anyway, Lucylu is speaking again, and boy am I glad to have her back. Even though I was one of the people that was all like, "LUCIA! Y U NO SPEAK TO US BEFORE YOU SPEAK TO COMPUTER!?" Gotta respect that she picked 2 AM to brave it. I know I was sure as hell asleep. I worked nine to five that day and I'd sooner stick pins in my eyeballs than be up at two after a nine to five.

Anyway where was I? Oh, Lucia beating the post-traumatic mime disorder.....right. Well.....about that. Since maybe ten o' clock tonight, she hasn't stopped talking. Or to be more specific, cursing loudly. Very loudly. And colorfully. See, she was friends with the Luminoth guy that this douche turned into an accessory the other day......not to phrase it like that, but....yeah. When I found out that that's what went down, I was worried that it would shock her back into silence. On the contrary, she's taking it sportingly with anger, and has politely warned said cocky douche that she's going to break his nose in a heartbeat if she ever sees him in person. Personally, I'd do worse, but.....

Man, do I feel bad for her, still.

Wolfy's been through the wringer lately, too. She and Lucylu have been leaning on each other to varying extents about everything. I'll let them talk about those things though, because....I'm just here to help and be the designated, plucky comedy relief (which I have been doing a bad job of lately. Can you blame me?). I'm not the person to be a storyjacker. Fell and I have been talking a lot lately, too. The big thing the four of us have gotten from talking as a group lately is deciding to make a gigantic shopping run together and generally be girly sometime this week. We need it to distract ourselves from all of the stress and mess, I think. We scheduled hair appointments and everything, so I'm excited!

If you couldn't tell yet, baking some cookies and stealing (and then scrapping for the good of humanity) a few tubas has done wonders for my mood this week. I think I can speak for both Diesel and myself when I say that life has returned to its normal pace at long last. We wake up, hang around, go to work, and come home, just like we used to. We've pretty much accepted that things are never going to be the exact same in here, ever again.....but we can't dwell on it, and we can try our damndest to come as close as we can.

The only thing that's still eating at me is what I can take away from this past month to make myself a better person. Hey, I'm not letting Specs' influence on me disappear just like that.



Swan said...

Little fire is good for a numb soul... or something.

A. Lucia Cat said...

Damn right I won't stop swearing.

Also-- I admire your use of the Avengers soundtrack. Well done, Sammi. Well done.

Sammi n' Diesel said...


And yeah, Swan. It warms you up, haha.