Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Underground? Not really.

I'm going to do Ryan's blog-keeping job for him tonight, just as a little favor while he's helping the new guest settle in. As of tonight, Antonio is taking Diesel's room for a while-- and though at first he was a little wary of advertising that he's here, once he'd spent an hour in the house, he realized that there's not much that's going to be getting in unwanted. So I'm allowed to post this publicly. Apparently the shitstorm he's caught up in about Patch, Maya, and Ryan-2 is not going well. That's more reason, of course, why I haven't set foot on the ground outside of going to the hospital, in forever....gah, it's a good thing I'm not susceptible to cabin fever, else I'd be losing my mind by now.

Either ways, Antonio is going to be with us indefinitely, until he feels a little more comfortable going outside. Apparently, the dude's got enemies in town on both sides-- that of the runners and of our own. How he's gone about achieving that...I don't even want to ask. Like Ryan says, it's not our job to ask. It's our job to stay impartial and shelter the poor (lovely) suckers passing through.

So I'm not asking.

Anyways, Leo's going to be leaving sometime next week, but before he does go, he's going to finish the story he's been typing up-- slowly, that is. When he feels like typing it. Day by day. That may or may not be the next post to this blog, I can't tell for sure-- either way, it's saved and author'd on my account here.

I'd love to peek, but I'm not allowed.

Oh yeah, Liesical's gone social and started torrenting movies for us to find a way to watch on the big TV. I'm supposed to mention that he has a personality outside of his twitching. It's a plus that he's less catatonic anymore, but he has remembered that he's allergic to (and deeply creeped out by) my cat.


Antonio said...

Better here then out there right now, with no one watching my back.

[Moral] said...

How many openings does that leave now?

Manic Muse said...

Is it wrong that I felt a little hurt, by Antonio not contacting me to help him. Btu Antonio if you read this we need to talk to sort this thing out.

A. Lucia Cat said...

Moral- /does the math. Since Diesel isn't here, one. Me and Ryan, Tori and Sammi, Leo and Liesical, Antonio.

Manic- We're the nearest people to him, you know. It's not like we can just stand by and watch something to happen to a proxy while we have a place here.