Thursday, May 17, 2012

Notes #4

I'd just like to thank my lucky stars for a second here that I'm not an official 'mentor.'

Since I'm off my normal jobs lately so I can get away with working on the go in a second's notice I'm getting stuck with some pretty weird things. I had to tutor a kid even younger than me on how to use trench knives in a fight the other day. It was really hard and I'm definitely not the teaching type.

I feel bad because I've been way too busy to update here lately. That's probably only going to get worse when Lucia and I leave for our vacation in the near future. I guess the only points that I need to hit on right now are the easy ones....

First, Diesel is in the house. I need to be better at keeping track of these things. Since Leo left our only unusual guest is Liesical....and even then he's not a stranger. So things are quiet as the crowd at a Nickelback concert right now.

Second, Sammi's got a gun now. Diesel brought it back for her so he and I can teach her how to shoot. It's a little 9 mm handgun. It's gonna be a load off of her conscience if she can learn how to defend herself. Lucia is practically seething with envy too, haha. I just keep telling her that she only has to wait until October before she can do fun things again.

Third. Baseball. It's all we've been playing in our off time lately. Dare I say it, but we're having a ball. :) Hahahaha.

I'm sorry if I seem a little out of it. My mind is other places right now.


[Moral] said...

You're pretty *ahem* 'punny' for a Proxy. xD

Swan said...

Mentoring is for the sick and ruthless. They are the only ones who can properly instill what it means to serve.