Thursday, May 31, 2012

Days begin to end

I've really been letting this whole "keep up the blog" thing go to shit. Yeh, let's nip it in the butt while I'm in the mood to write.....

I don't think any of us were specific before, but the Rakeminions scattered after Tony bit off more than he could chew......with Specs and all. We've been able to leave the house and go down to the ground lately, even at night. I think Liesey is breathing for the first time since he showed up at our proverbial doorstep again. It's almost surreal to be back to our regular old lives, just.....just missing someone. It's like we've all got a big hole missing in our hearts.

Some bigger than others.

Wolfy left somewhere. I didn't ask where. She left Fell with us, and Lucylu made her promise to come back safe, so...I don't know how far she's gotten or why. I just hope she stays safe and comes back at least a little happier. Lucylu seems confident that it's for a good cause, of luck, Wolfie.

Speaking of Lucylu, though....she scared the everloving bejeezus out of me today. She hasn't been one for talking, see, so I've grown accustomed to seeing her silently brooding over the laptop in the sitting room, typing or working on the piece of music she's writing for Amy (it's gorgeous and icy-sounding, btw). I didn't think that this afternoon would be any different.....well, imagine my reaction, will you when the whole sitting room is peaceful and then BAM!

She sat straight up and shrieked something. I only made out a few words, something like "borderline, somethingsomething godforsaken dream something cocksucker, somethingsomething go to hell."

When I asked her about it, she just looked at me, rolled her eyes, and went back to entering notes.

I spent the rest of the day hiccuping spasmatically with fright. I really, really, really hope she gets her taste for talking back soon.......



Vergil Rolento said...

Temporary psychosis is normal at a time like this. It should pass with time. Although it would not hurt to contact a grief counselor on this mater as well.

Done feed me the "but were proxies" crap. If she is getting state medical for tue child, then WIC or DSHS will cover this as well.

A. Lucia Cat said...

Oh hi there. Now I feel bad that i scared Sammi, bah.

the psychosis isn't temporary, good sir. I'm actually very schizophrenic. i was shouting at a particularly manticore-y hallucination that I'm not very fond of.

I'm also terrified of shrinks. i'm not one to take meds and walk away high and smiling. all things considered, I'm doing fine with the people here. i do appreciate your concern, though.

Vergil Rolento said...

To be fair, there is a difference between "Griff counselor" and "Psychiatrist"..

On actually talks you through pain, the other gives you pills to make it go away.

But I'll have to make a note there about the not Temporary part.

Soulpatched said...

Well in any rate, it's nice to see you up and about, I was worried about you for a while.

A. Lucia Cat said...

Vergil, it's not like i'm dangerous...ish, or anything. just dissociative identity, jumpy, and angry 70% of the time.

I'm not very keen on talking about the pain to someone who I'd have to lie about the situations, to. while I'm a pro liar, I'm also pregnant and have a hard time keeping stories straight right now. The help websites weren't lying when they said your brain goes to mush, haha.

Sane Soliloquy said...

Oh she speaks, I hope you are alright, it's a hard time for alot of us right now, it appears.