Thursday, May 31, 2012

Days begin to end

I've really been letting this whole "keep up the blog" thing go to shit. Yeh, let's nip it in the butt while I'm in the mood to write.....

I don't think any of us were specific before, but the Rakeminions scattered after Tony bit off more than he could chew......with Specs and all. We've been able to leave the house and go down to the ground lately, even at night. I think Liesey is breathing for the first time since he showed up at our proverbial doorstep again. It's almost surreal to be back to our regular old lives, just.....just missing someone. It's like we've all got a big hole missing in our hearts.

Some bigger than others.

Wolfy left somewhere. I didn't ask where. She left Fell with us, and Lucylu made her promise to come back safe, so...I don't know how far she's gotten or why. I just hope she stays safe and comes back at least a little happier. Lucylu seems confident that it's for a good cause, of luck, Wolfie.

Speaking of Lucylu, though....she scared the everloving bejeezus out of me today. She hasn't been one for talking, see, so I've grown accustomed to seeing her silently brooding over the laptop in the sitting room, typing or working on the piece of music she's writing for Amy (it's gorgeous and icy-sounding, btw). I didn't think that this afternoon would be any different.....well, imagine my reaction, will you when the whole sitting room is peaceful and then BAM!

She sat straight up and shrieked something. I only made out a few words, something like "borderline, somethingsomething godforsaken dream something cocksucker, somethingsomething go to hell."

When I asked her about it, she just looked at me, rolled her eyes, and went back to entering notes.

I spent the rest of the day hiccuping spasmatically with fright. I really, really, really hope she gets her taste for talking back soon.......


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I fucking hate everything

Let me repeat that: I fucking hate everything.

Lucylu added this account as an author here this afternoon while she was typing something up so I feel obligated to maintain it. It's sort of like the least I can do for her right now.

I don't even know how to run a blog, let alone a house. I'm glad I have help.

I just....I don't fucking know. I'm numb. We all are. But do you know what?

Scars heal, glory fades,
And all we're left with are the memories made.


Thursday, May 17, 2012

Notes #4

I'd just like to thank my lucky stars for a second here that I'm not an official 'mentor.'

Since I'm off my normal jobs lately so I can get away with working on the go in a second's notice I'm getting stuck with some pretty weird things. I had to tutor a kid even younger than me on how to use trench knives in a fight the other day. It was really hard and I'm definitely not the teaching type.

I feel bad because I've been way too busy to update here lately. That's probably only going to get worse when Lucia and I leave for our vacation in the near future. I guess the only points that I need to hit on right now are the easy ones....

First, Diesel is in the house. I need to be better at keeping track of these things. Since Leo left our only unusual guest is Liesical....and even then he's not a stranger. So things are quiet as the crowd at a Nickelback concert right now.

Second, Sammi's got a gun now. Diesel brought it back for her so he and I can teach her how to shoot. It's a little 9 mm handgun. It's gonna be a load off of her conscience if she can learn how to defend herself. Lucia is practically seething with envy too, haha. I just keep telling her that she only has to wait until October before she can do fun things again.

Third. Baseball. It's all we've been playing in our off time lately. Dare I say it, but we're having a ball. :) Hahahaha.

I'm sorry if I seem a little out of it. My mind is other places right now.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Burn it all away.

Okay first of all, this isn't Lucia, this isn't Ryan....this is Leo and damnit, they're not letting me eat and/or leave until I finish this post. Hahahahahahaha. Oh well I guess I'd better get this done already....I've got some important things to talk over with them before I go too, and I don't want to have to rush that.

So you all know what happened by now and want the details. You know that the fucking mongrel pissed me off by talking about my little cousin. You know I like fire and I've been burning shit that needed burned all month. You know that I made friends with Old Andrew in no time once I started working back here in the Burgh. But you're wondering why I ended up grinning like the cat that got mauled by the canary and had an ear fill up/scab over with blood, before he swallowed the fucking piece of shit. Well that's what I'm here to tell you.

I actually planned to go in alone, but in hindsight it's a really good thing that Old Andrew saw the fuckface's comment and got pissed off too. He gave me a call while I was gearing up to wreak some mayhem. Oh man was I hoping to burn their whole nest down. I took six bottles of lighter fluid with me. six! But anyway Andrew told me to wait an extra twenty outside the building, he wanted to come too.

By the time he got there, I'd caught sight of one of the mutts skulking around at the end of the street. Some ugly motherfucker he was. He was pale as a ghost and walked with this sort of hunched over posture when he even bothered to walk. His default movement was crawling around like the dog that he was. His hands were hard for me to look at actually once we got closer. The fingers were almost totally fleshless, the meat there was was rotting, and  all of his bones were huge, sharp, and twisted into these longass claws. He didn't wear shoes, and judging by the looks of his feet, the toes were starting to undergo the same sort of process.

Andy is a lucky shot.

His first shot at the monster missed him entirely and so did the third, but the second hit the dog in the back of his knee. Down and out like that, hahahahaha. At first I was worried that people were going to hear the gunshots but as soon as I heard the silencer he had on it, I was way less worried. Still worried but we weren't there long anyway. It was fucking hilarious how easily that dog spilled his guts about where to find his "brothers," the "other children" once he had one of my fans lined up to the back of his head. Not like it stopped me from splattering his brains all over the sidewalk anyways, hahahaha. Andrew marked the body for disposal and we went on our way.

The nest was in an old Strip District loft. the place was filthy as the creatures living there. Old and d ecrepit, like it hadn't been taken care of in  years. Sure didn't help that there were those dirty mutts in there. They had two sentries on guard but I'm invisible so that's a moot point isn't it? The dogs didn't even see me until i was right in their communal living space. I saw the thing I was after right away. This Tony douche. He wasn't hard to find, he was the only dark face in the whole building, and the only one with those god damn eyes. He took one look at me and Old Andrew and turned tail like the brave fucking coward that he is.

All of his little brothers fought the battle for him, heh.

At first I thought I'd bitten off more than I could chew when they zerg rushed Andy and I. My fans work great as sheilds but there were so many of them clawing at my arms and my back. Andy fired off shots but one of them had his arm and he couldn't properly aim. He didn't hit a damn thing on that first round, I don't think. They all looked different, too. Like they were all in varying degrees of transformations into a miniRake themselves. Some of them had grey skin, some were emaciated, most had those dead body claws, some had these teeth, sort of snouts.....they were all ugly as sin, I'm here to tell you.

I figured, I was fucked if I just stood there, so I took a chance, closed my fans, and started swinging. I could feel myself catching some of them with the knife edges but they just kept coming. It wasn't until I clocked this one ugly fucker who had teeth to spare growing out past his lips and the longest claws I'd seen yet did they stop in their tracks.

I'd hit their beta male. But you know I didn't care. I was in the moment. He was dazed and even though I was bleeding all over the place, I didn't care. I had a target and something to take my anger out on, even if it wasn't the one that said it about Ren. I just kept swinging. Once. smashed him across the face. The dogs jumped back. Twice. Cracked his skull downwards and watched the blood fly. The dogs were running away. Andy was shooting emptying his entire magazine.

Three times. broke his head open the other way. Four. Followed him down and tore his throat open with my knife side. Five. started tearing into him with the hooked part of the knifes both of them. Flesh was flying off the blade and off the corpse like water. It was so fucking satisfying, after all the trouble they'd given Liesical. After what their good for nothing leader said about my little cousin. It was fucking great.

Old Andrew yelled my name, though. Told me enough. Enough, he's already dead. I looked up at him and then looked down at the dog I'd been attacking. There really wasn't a dog left. Just. a bloodstain all over the floor and the walls and me with this pile of ragged flesh in the middle. intestines, bones, half a heart, shrapnel.....I got up. Overkill, again.

There was another one left in the room though. The rest had run down the stairs or jumped out on to the rooftops. Andrew must have crippled one with a shot. Well I took all six of my cans of lighter fluid, doused the fucker in it, took one of my firebombs, set it down on the pool surrounding the whining mutt.....all it took was one fan to get him burning good. I didn't stay to watch though. I was covered in deep ass gashes. I still sort of am. I needed stitches for a lot of them. Old Andrew looked even worse. Hell, I thought I was missing an ear, even though it just got filled with blood. Not all of it mine, hahahaha.

I don't know. I'm pretty satisfied with how that came out. I didn't get this Tony fuck, but....I think an insult for three of his brothers'  lives is worth it. Nobody talks about my family without answering to me. I might not bet here to protect them but I sure can protect their name and their memory. And I swear after I go, if my hosts, if Ms. Lucia and Mr. Saebr need anything. you can bet I'll be back guns blazing hahahahaha.

Huh....I come off as a violent type of guy don't I. Oh well. It's been nice sort of knowing all of you guys but like I said, I'm leaving tonight. Back on the road again. I finally got my post up. Now LET ME EAT, AHHHHHHH!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Underground? Not really.

I'm going to do Ryan's blog-keeping job for him tonight, just as a little favor while he's helping the new guest settle in. As of tonight, Antonio is taking Diesel's room for a while-- and though at first he was a little wary of advertising that he's here, once he'd spent an hour in the house, he realized that there's not much that's going to be getting in unwanted. So I'm allowed to post this publicly. Apparently the shitstorm he's caught up in about Patch, Maya, and Ryan-2 is not going well. That's more reason, of course, why I haven't set foot on the ground outside of going to the hospital, in forever....gah, it's a good thing I'm not susceptible to cabin fever, else I'd be losing my mind by now.

Either ways, Antonio is going to be with us indefinitely, until he feels a little more comfortable going outside. Apparently, the dude's got enemies in town on both sides-- that of the runners and of our own. How he's gone about achieving that...I don't even want to ask. Like Ryan says, it's not our job to ask. It's our job to stay impartial and shelter the poor (lovely) suckers passing through.

So I'm not asking.

Anyways, Leo's going to be leaving sometime next week, but before he does go, he's going to finish the story he's been typing up-- slowly, that is. When he feels like typing it. Day by day. That may or may not be the next post to this blog, I can't tell for sure-- either way, it's saved and author'd on my account here.

I'd love to peek, but I'm not allowed.

Oh yeah, Liesical's gone social and started torrenting movies for us to find a way to watch on the big TV. I'm supposed to mention that he has a personality outside of his twitching. It's a plus that he's less catatonic anymore, but he has remembered that he's allergic to (and deeply creeped out by) my cat.