Friday, April 6, 2012


Ryan started this post before he went off to work last night, but I'm going to finish it for him. He got punched pretty hard in the face and is consequently completely blind until the swelling goes down, so I'm being his seeing-eye-Lucia for the moment. Here goes:

Lucia and I weren't ready to meet Leo in person.

I guess it goes to show you that it's a small world after all and no matter how well you think you get a read on someone through the internet, you never know what they'll be like in person. Or what they'll look like. Or what their last name is if you're not smart enough to ask.

When Leo first dropped his invisibility and stepped off the train, I had to do a double take. I could have sworn that he was my old student mentor, back from the grave and looking mad enough to beat me within an inch of my life again. It took me more than a second to see the differences in their appearance. I couldn't get past the size and the glasses. I'm not exaggerating the size either....I'm no shorty but everyone in the Bohnne family makes me feel an ant.

"You Ryan, man?" He said. He had walked towards me right away. I think he knew me from the start because I don't look anything like a regular person but he just wanted to make sure. You can never be too sure. He had two duffel bags thrown over one of his shoulders and a really big, heavy looking backpack over the other one. They were all khaki. We asked him where he got them, actually-- turns out he knows Ren's old trick: army surplus stores work wonders. He has a combat cap like mine, too-- only brown instead of black.

"Yeah." I said. I didn't know what else to say.

"You looked spooked. What, am I scary? I figured you could handle these," he waved his hand towards the burn scars on the left side of his body, "looking do." He hesitated because he's a lot more polite than a lot of people and I guess he didn't want to offend me.

"No, it's not the scars." I said. I shook my head and extended my hand to be more polite. Especially if he was going out of his way to be. I was not off to a good start in my books. "It''re not related to a Renard by any chance, are you?"

"How do you know him?" The look on his face was piercing. It was a look I knew too well actually. Ren would always use it if he thought I was up to something I shouldn't have been. Which to be fair I usually was so I usually deserved it.

"He was a friend of mine." I said quietly. "You look a lot like him. It sort of took me off guard."

"He was my little cousin. We all look the same." He sounded genuinely upset. I guess he already knew what had happened.

"I have a lot to fill you in on before we get back to my place then."

I wasn't sure how Lucia was going to take it so I was really worried at first. Leo and I took our times getting back to Antithesis. We moved in teleport time for the sake of not being followed home since we've had a lot of problems lately but I gave him the whole abridged situation about

That's as far as he got.

I'll finish this up quickly for him, so I don't drag on like I usually do with my own posts. He wanted me to talk first about the fact that Leo's going to be staying with us for most of the rest of the month. Their boss is going to give him another two weeks for the concussion to improve, but after that, there's shit to be burnt down. That's his job-- aside from the information networking stuff that Ryan does, too. He's promised to show us his weapons of choice once he gets a little better and feels like lifting them-- that's what's in the big pack-- 'cause he promised that they're awesome, haha. I'm already wondering what sort of godforsaken flamethrowers this man has found in his travels.

His whole affinity with fire made me think of Swan's story, actually.

The other thing I'm supposed to touch on is Liesical. Somehow, he found his way back here from Washington state again (which renders us asking Louis to say 'sup to him, moot).....being chased by Tony's ilk all the way. Sammi and Diesel came in with him at around five AM. And boy oh boy, if he was twitchy before....

So we're up to seven people here, as of today. We're one away from capacity, and-- though three of those seven are slightly beaten up right now, everyone's in fairly good spirits. We've made some serious progress on our home library, so most everyone's sitting out on the balcony and reading a book of their choice-- since it's a beautiful day, but nobody's quite feeling up to going anywhere. We all need some time to chill out, kick back, and enjoy life.


Swan said...

Anyone who burns things down professionally would have to enjoy the flame. I would think at least.

Ryan said...

Swan. Oh he enjoys it alright. He's in heaven with all the candles here too.