Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Beat Up Bunch

If I didn't know any better, I'd say my sitting room was a doctors office waiting room about now. I have a black eye on top of more normal things, Leo's got earplugs in because he's got a migrane and wants to ignore Liesical, Liesical is jumping at every sudden movement and probably gave Leo the migrane to begin with, and Diesel might have just gotten himself impaled with a knitting needle for poking Lucia's stomach.

Wait. Let me go check on that.

No, that shreik of terror was just from her threatening him with it. Haha.

Any way. We're all getting better or better than we were, but it's still kinda funny 'cause we all look like death. It doesn't help that the weather is out there being bipolar again. We've seriously had hail, sleet, rain, and beautiful skies alternating in the past four hours alone.

D'ah there goes the rain again.

ANY WAY, I got back to work last night after getting a little holiday leave, too. It was a little different this time than normal though. Amy suggested to Lucia and I that I start wearing a mask to work to cut down on the number of fighters recognizing me and figuring it's a good idea to try to beat me to a pulp. :| This black eye was the last straw because now they're starting to come in groups and actually land hits on me. Apparently, I'm getting to be well known around here for all the easy kills on idiots I've been racking up....oh well! Infamy is nice in it's own kind of way. Actually, when the boss saw me I think he was confused as to why I suddenly started following proxy fashion trends.....I tried explain it to him but I don't think he gets this whole "I kinda value my life" thing.

I'll post a picture of my mask to my Sketchbook blog when I have time to get a good one from Luc's iPhone. Knit gave me some great ideas while I was painting it. The lighting in here sucks right now (even though in a few minutes it probably won't) and I don't think the candlelight gives it its full effect. I might draw a portrait of myself in full costume though just for fun. I went with the costume thing 'cause I figured if I'm going to be wearing a mask I might as well go all out on making myself look typical/uncanny. It worked too, haha. People that saw me used to get squicked out or weak kneed because I guess I'm startling to look at, but last night I teleported into a room and made some girl scream and run. I felt good about myself. :D

I need to finish a portrait of a good friend first before I do that one though. The one of myself. Maybe I should sit down in front of the mirror and do some serious drawing tonight before I go working again...yeah. That'll be nice. I haven't had time to do that in forever. That way Luc can sit with me and keep knitting the baby blanket she's working on without me distracting her for help because I suck at Pokemon, haha.

This house needs to make a collective effort to look less of a mess between now and dinner though. We're getting Chinese and we don't need people facedown in the noodles at the table.


Amy said...

You're welcome.

Ryan said...

Thank you as always. :)

Swan said...

Another one of those with the flashy masks huh?

Mines pretty plain comparatively. Just a blank face with a diagonal crack between the eyes.

Ryan said...

Swan. I'm an artist. Of course it's going to be flashy!

There's actually a lot of white space on it. The detail that there is is insane though. I meant to make it simpler, like you say yours is or how Knit's is....but it wall just kind of flowed out while I was painting.

KnitWolf said...

Again, I'm happy I could help, dear

Ryan said...

Knit. You're always a big hand. :)

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