Saturday, March 24, 2012

Notes #3

Louis went back out a few days back. Diesel and the rest of crew at the garage made record time on his engine. He's got more important runs to make soon, I guess. We all wished him good luck and told him to say hi to Liesical if he runs into him in Seattle. We also thanked him for putting up with the lot of us whippersnappers haha. No self respecting lumberjack should ever have to live in a city apartment full of proxies who could pass as college students for too long. It's good for his peace of mind that he can hit the road again.

He and Diesel told us all about their epic horror movie adventure on that last run too....Lucia went back over it with Diesel earlier in the day and recorded the whole thing on Snowball's voice memos. She's gonna be posting a transcript of that to her personal blog for them within the next few days. I'll put a link here for those of you that want to read that.

It was weird. Diesel and I switched roles for once. HE told ME about feeling bad for killing some poor crazy sucker. I guess being the first time he killed and all it would be hard, but....still a weird experience.

Other than that, working, and sleeping though we've all had our noses stuck in Pokemon video games. Everyone in the house. Me, Lucia, and Diesel are playing Black Version while Sammi and Tori are playing White version. We said to heck with the Wii for a while, haha. I never played Pokemon before this and I'm kinda kicking myself for it! It's so much fun.

......yeah, don't wonder where we are haha. Group addictions = fun for all.


ELiRR said...

Oh god Pokemon basically made up everything in my childhood xD

Zephy said...

What exactly is Snowball? I thought it was her bobcat?

A. Lucia Cat said...

Interjecting on his blog here, haha-- Zephy, Snowball is my white iPhone. I have a really bad tendency to name inanimate objects. The bobcat's name is Dairam.