Friday, March 2, 2012

Notes #2

I can't gather enough motivation up to be creative with the title. I feel like I've been running off of my second wind for days.

I haven't slept since seven yesterday morning so this might be kinda short. Long night at work and boy do  I need sleep. I'm sore, shaky, and my leg looks like it got in a fight with Jaws and lost. But of course, it's not life threatening so the boss is just going to let me heal on my own....I'm okay with that. Trips to the boss hospital suck.

I just wanna post before I turn in for a few hours. Or a few days. A few days would be nice.

First. I'm really scared that Sammi is going to take this as a challenge.....buuuuuuuut in the aftermath of what she did with Luc's blog, I went and changed my password to something ridiculously complicated to keep her out. Actually scratch that. That is a challenge. I'd love to see her crack this one. Hah.

(SAMMEH EDIT: The password was 4d76g286k10. =) I changed it back to your old one for you! Sleep tight, Specs.)

We've had Nate here for the past few days but he's packing up and leaving today. I don't think I've ever seen him so mellow. He said something like he'd stay longer but he doesn't think it would be a good idea...whatever that means. Whatever he came here to do, I hope he did it. I won't ask questions, I'm just the owner.

Hey, I got him in and out without shooting him. That's something positive.

Now the guy that sicced his guard dogs on me....not so lucky. I guess it's an occupational hazard with the whole guide thing but I lost an arrowhead in his rib cage and I'm sore over that too. And I hate killing dogs but he had those things trained and I didn't want to lose my leg. Then I'd need a peg leg too.

D'ah, I need to relax.


KnitWolf said...

I'm glad you're alright- or, well, as alright as you can be in this situation

I hope you sleep and heal well Ryan

Ryan said...

Knit. Thank you. I'm as good as can be. :) I slept like a baby and nothing is infected too. I should be back in action in a week or so.

SPW4453U said...

Αναστάσεως Ημέρα

Ryan said...

I'm not even sure what to call Can you speak english in comments? Please?

Zwei said...

"Day of the Resurrection." It is a Byzantine Easter chant. Tis the season.

SPW4453U said...

It's an orthodox chant actually. It's sung in a byzitine style, yes.

Ryan said...

But what does it mean here?

I don't speak greek. The german is hard enough to keep up with... :|

SPW4453U said...

Αναστάσεως Ημέρα

Day of the Resurrect

What does it mean here? I don't know. That's what he keeps whispering in my ear.

Αναστάσεως Ημέρα