Friday, March 30, 2012

Musical Posting

....because Lucia just handed off the laptop to me at a strange hour of the night. For a house with three laptops and two iPhones....there never seems to be enough technology to go around, haha. :|

She just got done posting Diesel's story. I feel like that's worth posting a link to here just because. If I can vent publicly about work, so can Diesel.

Right now we're all on a Pokemon hangover. Everything feels weird because we've had pretty much no interaction with the outside world other than work since the DSes came home over the weekend. It doesn't help that the weather has been weird. Thunderstorming one minute and cold, bright skies the next. I came home drenched yesterday because the sky randomly opened wide in the middle of last night. It's like we see everything through a magnifying glass up here like we are too.....

I think we've all got to sleep off the weird and get out more. Right? Right. We'll be back down to earth in a few days.

Um....maybe we should hide the DSes to help. That might be a good idea.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Notes #3

Louis went back out a few days back. Diesel and the rest of crew at the garage made record time on his engine. He's got more important runs to make soon, I guess. We all wished him good luck and told him to say hi to Liesical if he runs into him in Seattle. We also thanked him for putting up with the lot of us whippersnappers haha. No self respecting lumberjack should ever have to live in a city apartment full of proxies who could pass as college students for too long. It's good for his peace of mind that he can hit the road again.

He and Diesel told us all about their epic horror movie adventure on that last run too....Lucia went back over it with Diesel earlier in the day and recorded the whole thing on Snowball's voice memos. She's gonna be posting a transcript of that to her personal blog for them within the next few days. I'll put a link here for those of you that want to read that.

It was weird. Diesel and I switched roles for once. HE told ME about feeling bad for killing some poor crazy sucker. I guess being the first time he killed and all it would be hard, but....still a weird experience.

Other than that, working, and sleeping though we've all had our noses stuck in Pokemon video games. Everyone in the house. Me, Lucia, and Diesel are playing Black Version while Sammi and Tori are playing White version. We said to heck with the Wii for a while, haha. I never played Pokemon before this and I'm kinda kicking myself for it! It's so much fun.

......yeah, don't wonder where we are haha. Group addictions = fun for all.

Sunday, March 18, 2012


Diesel came back again today.

And there was much celebrating.

We're all happy to see him....even if the first thing he did before talking to any of us was run to the bathroom and shave off his pitiful excuse for a beard, before anyone (but me!) saw it, haha. Yeah. After that we were happy to see him.

We still don't know where he was. I don't think he's going to tell us, where exactly. He did say that he has a lot of venting to do though....which is good for us! He seems kinda stressed so it's good for him too. I think everyone here is on the edge of our seats with wanting to know the whole story. Or at least most of it. Or what he can tell us, you know.

Until we know though, I don't have much to say other than work yesterday was too long and it sucked like no other. I might have lost five pounds just running in circles for ten hours. And you don't want me to have much to say, haha. The other reason we're posting aside from letting everyone know that Diesel is alive is that he brought a guest home with him. One of the other truckers named Louis...who looks like a (self-described) stereotypical lumberjack. He'll be staying with us for a few days while his truck gets fixed at the garage here. I guess something happened to the engine or something while they were doing there thing and we're the closest place to crash at.

We've got some catching up to do with Diesel though so we're gonna cut it here. Man, posting together like this is fun.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


That's what they called it when I brought in three fighters two nights ago anyway. Two dead, one wounded. Corporate term, whatever. That adds to Luc's impression that the entire proxy operation is a gigantic cross between a company and the mob.

Any way, it got me the day off yesterday which is always a plus. I got to spend it relaxing with my family. That's always something I can be grateful for. It made me realize too that I'm going to need to start saving up for what do you call it. It's on the tip of my tongue. Any way I need to buy a 'marry me' ring sooner than later, or now haha.

While I'm typing I thought I'd talk about the job itself here actually. Usually I talk to Diesel about where I run to and what I end up killing in a night but he's not around and any trying to get in contact with him gets all of us his cheerfully vulgar voicemail. I don't want to make a habit of talking about work here because it's bad to broadcast your every move in the intelligence industry, but I need to vent more often than I can keep it in. So I'm venting for tonight.

Two nights ago I got sent after three people, two shady guys and this one chick with about twenty tattoos. They were runners, but I guess they all met up somewhere and talked it out and decided to become fighters. Big mistake. They picked the wrong town to get their start. Plus fighting only gets people like me sent after you. I wasn't supposed to kill them for sure, just stop them from collaborating and scare the crap out of them. I'm good for scaring people, especially new runners who haven't seen a lot of gore, haha. All I have to do is pull my hair back and show a couple extra scars. Heck, it was so warm I even wore a sleeveless shirt to show off the diamonds on my shoulders. But it didn't go so simply like I wanted it to. Things kind of escalated.

I was given a place and a time where they'd be. Some back alleyway under the bluff. Talk about genre-blind. I was surprised to see two of my coworkers there, too. It was actually Andy and another guy named Steven that I didn't know. Andy just smirked at me and cracked his neck. "'Sup, Scarface." He said.

The group of fighters was there ten minutes exactly after the time I was given. I let them stand and talk all huddled in a circle for a few minutes before I nocked my first arrow, pulled back, and shot. I wasn't aiming for anything, just trying to scare them, but the arrow buried into the shorter guy's shoulder two inches past the head. It pinned his arm into his ribcage and he fell over screaming and swearing. I was pretty proud of the random shot.

Andy and Steven walked into the alley before I did. Andy had his gun drawn and Steven was holding a copper pipe. It was probably epic when I followed right between them with my bow slung over my back again and a hunting knife in each hand in reverse grip. I took a few cues from Knit when it comes to knife fighting, haha.


The chick flipped out and pulled a gun of her own. It wasn't a chick gun either. It was a pretty high caliber hand gun. I thought for a second that I'd have to teleport to avoid her shooting me or one of the others but Andy is a quicker shot than I would have thought. He hit her in the hand and she dropped the thing. She started screaming at him, and at me, and at Steven before she used her other hand to draw a shortsword. It was one of those things that you can buy at the Renaissance Fair.

The other guy she was with turned tail and ran so I took aim and shot him too. The boss didn't say it was important to keep them alive and fighters, even noob ones are a lot more dangerous than plain runners.  didn't want them hurting anyone I know. I guess he the boss was hungry too because he just let me do it. I hit the guy square in the back of the head. Cleaning brains off of an arrowhead....not a nice experience. You know, I have to aim everything a little bit to the left when I shoot because I was right eye's weird to have to do.

The two guys ended up dying there which I guess is expected because I use bleeder edge hunting broadheads on my arrows and I hit them both in pretty vital places. I got both arrowheads back this time too, which is a plus. I didn't shoot the chick because something about that would have been wrong, even if she was trying to kill us more than the guys were. I'm pretty sure Andy took the shortsword off of her. He and Steven ended up taking all three of them to where they arranged to meet the boss.

I got word from a courier about two hours later that I'd have the next day off because I took care of a possible problem situation so quickly. A reward, haha. I kind of shook it off and took the day off as a day off because it bothers me how easy killing is to me. I feel like I shouldn't have an easier time hunting people than I do hunting deer, but I do.

Sorry....that was all kind of morbid wasn't it? I know I was just describing my job but I forget that most of you haven't ever killed someone. Or most of you aren't desensitized to it. Or most of you don't even think about it.

But seriously. If anyone sees Diesel, tell him to answer his phone and get back soon! If he's not here by Sunday...Sammi might just go off on a transglobal moose hunt. I don't want to have to talk about work on this blog anymore either because I feel like a total idiot right now. I feel better though. I'm not keeping it all cooped up.

I'm going to save happy thoughts for a different post. So for now, I'm going to sign off.

Oh yeah, we still have a lot of room here. I feel like we're going to have a guest drought maybe because everyone is so busy, but more life in the house is always a good thing.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Back to Work

I've had a great week bumming it, but sadly that's over. I meant to post yesterday or the day before but...I knew I'd have to go out tonight and I kept putting the post off. I wanted to spend time with Luc, okay? These schizophrenic episodes of hers are so bad for her and she needs someone close when they happen.

What I meant to post about was the boss coming to visit my home. I actually had something planned to say about it but it doesn't seem like it matters anymore. It was something stupid and kind of cowardly.

That was the first time the boss has been here in a long time. Only the second time he's been here since he first brought me here and left me to my own means. That seems like a really long time ago but it wasn't even a year. I've only been a proxy for...only since last May. I feel like it was a lifetime ago that I was given this house, and it seems like I've always been a proxy. Always. I've gotten so used to this beautiful house and this amazing life I've forgotten that it was ever any different.

I don't want to start going off on a ramble though. I just wanted to post to let everyone know that I'm back in action starting tonight. I've got a whole week's worth of sitting on the couch to shake off and I'm itching to do some running.

....and of course my first job back is boring lost and found duty. D: Oh well, quick night and it gives me more time to replace the arrowhead I lost and I've been putting off rebuying.

Maybe I'll be back on later along with Luc when she makes her post tonight to chat with anyone. But for now look out world, I'm ready to go!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Notes #2

I can't gather enough motivation up to be creative with the title. I feel like I've been running off of my second wind for days.

I haven't slept since seven yesterday morning so this might be kinda short. Long night at work and boy do  I need sleep. I'm sore, shaky, and my leg looks like it got in a fight with Jaws and lost. But of course, it's not life threatening so the boss is just going to let me heal on my own....I'm okay with that. Trips to the boss hospital suck.

I just wanna post before I turn in for a few hours. Or a few days. A few days would be nice.

First. I'm really scared that Sammi is going to take this as a challenge.....buuuuuuuut in the aftermath of what she did with Luc's blog, I went and changed my password to something ridiculously complicated to keep her out. Actually scratch that. That is a challenge. I'd love to see her crack this one. Hah.

(SAMMEH EDIT: The password was 4d76g286k10. =) I changed it back to your old one for you! Sleep tight, Specs.)

We've had Nate here for the past few days but he's packing up and leaving today. I don't think I've ever seen him so mellow. He said something like he'd stay longer but he doesn't think it would be a good idea...whatever that means. Whatever he came here to do, I hope he did it. I won't ask questions, I'm just the owner.

Hey, I got him in and out without shooting him. That's something positive.

Now the guy that sicced his guard dogs on me....not so lucky. I guess it's an occupational hazard with the whole guide thing but I lost an arrowhead in his rib cage and I'm sore over that too. And I hate killing dogs but he had those things trained and I didn't want to lose my leg. Then I'd need a peg leg too.

D'ah, I need to relax.