Monday, February 13, 2012


So we don't have to settle for three man tournaments anymore.

Sammi and Diesel made it back today from parts unknown. Or....more like Diesel made it back and almost broke my door down with Sammi slung over his shoulder, haha. She was okay, just yelling bloody murder for Diesel to put her down. She's crashed on her favorite couch now. It looks like she lost her glasses while she was gone so we'll have to find her a new pair as soon as possible.

She brought back old Ren's glasses though. I think it soothed Lucia's mind to see them back in her hands. She's talking about finding something proper to do with them...that would be a nice memorial for Ren.

It's kinda crazy here so I'm going to go more into detail another time, but we're going to have another guest for sure coming in on the weekend. It is definitely not going to be deadly quiet around here anymore!

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