Saturday, February 11, 2012

Notes of the Day

Liesical left early in afternoon today. Diesel is driving him to Cleveland, and from there one of the others in charge of the transportation of items is going to give him a ride all the way back to the west coast. We're going to miss him. The past few days, he really opened up to us. It's a little sad to see him go so soon....but I'd miss my hometown and want to go home too after being away for so long. Maybe he'll come back to visit some day. We made him an honorary Mii on the Wii before he left, just in case. I hope he'll stay in touch.

Lucia and I went to see a Pens game later on. It was great. I'm too young to remember the original Winnipeg Jets but seeing the Thrashers sent to a real hockey town warmed my Russian-mutt heart. It's even better that the location change didn't change their being no good, hahaha. It was a great game. We offered to take Tori with us, but she wasn't feeling up to it....and she's a Baltimore sports fan at heart too. She stayed home and read and watched the cats while we went out and did crazy Pittsburgher things.

It's way too quiet with the house so empty, though. With luck we'll have Sammi and Diesel home sooner than later, plus we maaaaaaaay be getting another guest soon. I don't miss the quiet. We'll have to find something to do to pass the time and keep life interesting during the lull.

...three man Wii Sports Resort tournament?


Liesical said...

Wow. I had stuff arranged, but the guy you had pick me up was fast. Creepy dude, but fast.

Aobsvr said...

Seems yesterdays game must've been pretty good. A few people I know, including my sister, went to see it too.

A. Lucia Cat said...

Liesical- You're pretty new to your job field, aren't you, comrade? XD

Ran- It was a great game. I'm so glad we found tickets to go. Malkin's goal was stunning, hahaha. I wonder if we saw your sister there and didn't know? It's such a small fricken' world.

Liesical said...

Lucia, I've been Slenderported before. That's nothing new. But your guy was fast compared to that!