Sunday, February 5, 2012

It feels like a family.

I'm going to use this color for my posts, just so you don't have to scroll all the way to the bottom to see who's posting, heh. I'm just an orange kind of gal.

I figured this would be a better blog to post on than my personal one, just for the sake of...this relates to everyone living here, not just me. 

We're getting another guest sometime today. I don't know much about him beyond the fact that his name is Liesical and that I have this sinking feeling that he had a run-in with Tony whilest hanging around here. Just judging by his reaction to this "person that doesn't like proxies." Which means we have to get him off the streets as soon as we can. That brings us down to two vacancies, too, because Diesel found his way home last night. Hahaha, you should have seen the beard he grew in the weekish that he was gone before he shaved. You can definitely tell he's the oldest one of us.

In celebration of him coming home, we all went out to dinner at the Waterfront-- TGI Fridays, my treat. Even though none of us are old enough to drink (and I'm not touching alcohol ever again anyway.) sans Diesel, we still had a ball. Lots of laughing, catching up with each other-- well, after Diesel bemoaned his manly failure and need to find a girl while the rest of us laughed-- and everyone was hungry enough to eat a horse. Once I got my evening sickness under control (fresh cut lemons really do work wonders, Sammi has now brought me an entire bag), there was absolutely nothing left of my chicken, broccoli and shrimp. Though all the others gave me a run for my money....particularly Tori, haha. Hot damn, does she have an appetite.

Oh. Tori and I found out what Diesel had been transporting (at least from Chicago to New Orleans) while the three proxies in our little family talked business over the dinner table. Turns out there was a shit-ton of laptops brought to a place in Chicago where they hoard them-- laptops stolen from runners or taken from them after..."the boss caught up with them." They have a team in New Orleans that compiles all of the data from those and distributes it to the rest of the network.

You think they're smart?

Either ways, after dinner, we came back to Antithesis and decided to break in the Wii, since Sammi brought a TV home in celebration of Diesel's return (not quite as big as she'd aimed for, but still my armspan at least). I think this picture (taken from Diesel's new iPhone, no less), is self-explanatory. I promise when we get really good at the Mii games, we'll post some funny screencaps and videos.

From left to right is Tori, myself, Sammi, Ryan, and Diesel. Oh, Ryan does have a comment to add here...

software limitations

giving me eyes


Heh. Trust me, we spent at least a half hour trying to make his Mii look more like him....Nintendo never thought to make an eyepatch for these? Or an emo-haircut? Really? I'm still miffed about how ugly the pigtail style looks, though, and how the one I used is the closest I can get to curly hair.

But. That's a little glimpse into the home life of some proxies, a runner that said "fuck it," and a civilian who's in love with the master of the house.

Awwwww..... :)

Heh~. We're gonna wait to hear word from Liesical now--  peace out.


Liesical said...

Who the hell's Tony. You make him sound dangerous. WHO THE FUCK IS TONY?!?

Dia Renalda said...

This is going to be SO entertaining.

A. Lucia Cat said...

Welp, I guess being entertaining is better than being boring.

Liesical said...

...'Lo? Can anyone tell me who the hell Tony is?!?!? Is he the guy who tried to cut me up?!?!?!?!

Ryan said...

Liesical. Maybe, maybe not. He's not someone you want to meet in a dark alley. Are you ready to come here? Meet me at the corner of Grant Street and Fort Pitt.

Liesical said...

On my way.

Nathan Umbra said...

Tony's the guy that I kinda want to find and tear open, just to coax Clark into a rematch.