Monday, February 27, 2012

Busy day for us.

Aren't Sundays supposed to be slow?

Don't answer that.

I'm posting instead of Ryan tonight, because he's working overtime so he can have tomorrow off. I have a doctor's appointment scheduled for tomorrow (prenatal care and all that happy stuff), see, and he wants to be there for me...good god, he's such a sweetheart. Working overtime must suck, and doing it for me....wait, let me save the personal rants and gushing for my own blog tomorrow, haha.

First thing's first-- Nate stopped in today to stay for a while. I don't really have much of a comment towards this occurrence,  as is well I shouldn't-- Ryan does a damn good job of staying impartial here, so I'm not going to let my previous biases mess with business. He says he's only staying for a few days, anyway, so....that's not nearly enough time to piss off Tori and need chased out of here, right? Right. Either ways, it's been six months since he, Tori and I have all been in the same place, so this is bound to be interesting.

Second thing's second-- Ryan's decided that he needs to carry a weapon or two after all. After a lot of deliberation, he decided that the best thing to buy would be a longbow.

Now this might seem like a dumb or impractical choice, but hear our reasoning out. A rifle was nearly immediately put out of the question due to the fact that owning/procuring a legitimate firearm is a headache and a half to begin with. That aside, he's always shot right-handed, and...well, his trigger finger is less than functional anymore. Upon realizing that, the next thing that came to mind was-- a bow. 

Now, he's been shooting longbow since he was seven, and he's been taking down deer that way since he was nine-- which gave him a pretty clear preference for one. Apparently, the functionality of his hand doesn't impede his favorite style of draw, either. It fits with his "watch from afar first, confront directly later" philosophy, too-- and if from afar the person looks like they're going to be a problem, now he can just put an arrow through them. He's also confident in his ability to shoot in a timely fashion-- and I'm assuming that his teleporting mechanics will ensure that to work, what with being able to knock the arrow and draw faster than you can say "boo."

Arrows are also a little easier to clean up than bullets are. You can always rip them out of the person after all is said and done, and there's none of those pesky casings to find, heh.

We went down to damn near every hunting store in Allegheny County this afternoon, actually, trying to track down the right bow for him. Eventually we found a beautiful pro grade one and a set of a dozen arrows that we threw some more of my stash o' money at, plus a buck knife for each of us in the case of a close-range altercation. I feel as though it's all worth it-- so we can feel a little safer, even if the weaponry is a little bit primitive...the ability to kill is the ability to kill.

He almost took a practice shot at Nate, too. Heh. That should keep the man in line.

I think that's just about everything in the world of Antithesis, tonight. Oh, yes-- we're planning to put a few bookcases in the entry room, make a sort of private library for the entertainment of everyone who lives/visits here. If anyone has any suggestions as to books we should find, any must-haves or favorites, do let us know! It'll be a fun project, and reading will be something to do other than playing the Wii nonstop, haha-- which, as you may or may not have noticed, is our family bonding activity, hahaha.

It gets a little old loud.

Saturday, February 25, 2012


I'm sorry I disappeared for a few days. They were stressful. Yesterday made me glad that I don't give out the address here freely. I'm thanking my dad if I ever get a chance for teaching me how to be paranoid. I was so angry for a while there.

Anyone who reads the comments has seen that on my last post a person named "Nini" asked to come here a few days ago. Nothing weird there. I'm expecting to hear from unknown people. I thought this person would be a girl with a name like that who needed a few days of turnaround time like Liesical did. No big deal, right?

Turns out that "Nini" was a middle aged man, and that middle aged man was our "friend" Zwei. Ni is Japanese for two. I'm not falling for that one again. Luc and I are brushing up on our foreign language numerals now.

It was the first time I met Zwei in person. I recognized him somehow, I don't know how. He has this look with him that you just know he's not human no matter how good he is at pretending. I was kicking myself for not noticing the name and the obsession with the number two before I got to PPG Plaza. I don't like him at all. He's just as creepy as he is over typing. Even if he speaks clearly and intelligently now there's something really off about him. He didn't understand why I won't let him set a single toe in this house. For that he's an idiot. I don't trust you, Zwei. Even if we have a common enemy that does not make you my friend. Especially after everything you said to Lucia and I before.

I'm beginning to wonder if I shouldn't carry a weapon or something. I can only do so much bare handed even if I play around with my acceleration. I had a collection of hunting knives under my bed when I lived with my old family. There were mostly for show. I should have thought to bring them when I moved. I can shoot bow and rifle too but that would be a little harder to arrange. I'm going to think about this for a few days and get back to you all on that.

Nate. Send me an email and we'll arrange something to get you here for a while.

Diesel and I really need to get on Sammi's case about kleptoing up an air hockey table for us. I have no clue where we'd put it but it would be so much better for blowing off steam than the Wii. Air hockey doesn't have remotes that need recharged every few hours.

Monday, February 20, 2012


Knit left earlier. We're all going to miss her. She was a great guest and I hope she can come back and visit someday. She brought a bit of everything to Antithesis for everyone and I'm glad she found time to stop in.

Knit. Good luck on your job, wherever you are now....and remember to drop in if you need a bit of company again!

Second. I realized that I haven't done a count of people here in a while and now that we've had a few guests come through I think it's a good time. Right now we have three vacancies. And if we don't get more guests withing the week, Sammi is threatening to go on a cross-country Costco raid to bring us back every worthwhile Wii game there is. I'm actually not against that at all but let's try to put that off as long as we can.

Tonight I think we'll go see a movie.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Weekend Visit

KnitWolf is going to be spending the weekend with us. I'm leaving soon to go pick her up. She picked a great day to come to Pittsburgh. The weather is the best its been all year out there. I'm excited to meet her....not just because she's offering to cook for us either!

I think the best part of opening my home is meeting new people. If the boss had never suggested for me to do this, I wouldn't be making close to as many friends.

Monday, February 13, 2012


So we don't have to settle for three man tournaments anymore.

Sammi and Diesel made it back today from parts unknown. Or....more like Diesel made it back and almost broke my door down with Sammi slung over his shoulder, haha. She was okay, just yelling bloody murder for Diesel to put her down. She's crashed on her favorite couch now. It looks like she lost her glasses while she was gone so we'll have to find her a new pair as soon as possible.

She brought back old Ren's glasses though. I think it soothed Lucia's mind to see them back in her hands. She's talking about finding something proper to do with them...that would be a nice memorial for Ren.

It's kinda crazy here so I'm going to go more into detail another time, but we're going to have another guest for sure coming in on the weekend. It is definitely not going to be deadly quiet around here anymore!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Notes of the Day

Liesical left early in afternoon today. Diesel is driving him to Cleveland, and from there one of the others in charge of the transportation of items is going to give him a ride all the way back to the west coast. We're going to miss him. The past few days, he really opened up to us. It's a little sad to see him go so soon....but I'd miss my hometown and want to go home too after being away for so long. Maybe he'll come back to visit some day. We made him an honorary Mii on the Wii before he left, just in case. I hope he'll stay in touch.

Lucia and I went to see a Pens game later on. It was great. I'm too young to remember the original Winnipeg Jets but seeing the Thrashers sent to a real hockey town warmed my Russian-mutt heart. It's even better that the location change didn't change their being no good, hahaha. It was a great game. We offered to take Tori with us, but she wasn't feeling up to it....and she's a Baltimore sports fan at heart too. She stayed home and read and watched the cats while we went out and did crazy Pittsburgher things.

It's way too quiet with the house so empty, though. With luck we'll have Sammi and Diesel home sooner than later, plus we maaaaaaaay be getting another guest soon. I don't miss the quiet. We'll have to find something to do to pass the time and keep life interesting during the lull.

...three man Wii Sports Resort tournament?

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Guest Book, Other Stuff

Lucia and I decided that keeping a guest book for everyone that stays here at Antithesis would be a cool idea. You can see it up there on the top bar now. We only have two names right now but....I hope that list grows. This entire good host thing is a lot more satisfying than I thought it would be.

Liesical, our not-Tori guest, is getting used to it here at last. He's not a blogger but he reads around regularly enough to know what's going on, and he found us on sheer luck. He's only staying for another few days because he's not real comfortable around the cats and he has a bad allergy to Dairam (Tori's cat Kako too but mostly Dairam since he has more fur). At least he's starting to calm down from what ever had him as jumpy as he was....and once he arranges transportation back to his home in Washington, we'll help him out of town and see him off.

Sammi left to go search for something for Lucia's sake this morning. She took her personal laptop with her, so we'll still hear from her, but we don't know exactly where she's going or how long she'll be gone. She took the train to Chicago but from there we just don't know. I'm not worried about her though. She's tough and even though she couldn't survive in the woods for a week, she'd be living like a queen if you dropped her in the middle of a city with no money for a week.

That's everything I can think of right now...I think I'm gonna go sit in the park and draw more. I want to thank everyone who reads here for being such a good friend to Lucia and I even though I'm an idiot, too. I don't know where I'd be without my friends.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

It feels like a family.

I'm going to use this color for my posts, just so you don't have to scroll all the way to the bottom to see who's posting, heh. I'm just an orange kind of gal.

I figured this would be a better blog to post on than my personal one, just for the sake of...this relates to everyone living here, not just me. 

We're getting another guest sometime today. I don't know much about him beyond the fact that his name is Liesical and that I have this sinking feeling that he had a run-in with Tony whilest hanging around here. Just judging by his reaction to this "person that doesn't like proxies." Which means we have to get him off the streets as soon as we can. That brings us down to two vacancies, too, because Diesel found his way home last night. Hahaha, you should have seen the beard he grew in the weekish that he was gone before he shaved. You can definitely tell he's the oldest one of us.

In celebration of him coming home, we all went out to dinner at the Waterfront-- TGI Fridays, my treat. Even though none of us are old enough to drink (and I'm not touching alcohol ever again anyway.) sans Diesel, we still had a ball. Lots of laughing, catching up with each other-- well, after Diesel bemoaned his manly failure and need to find a girl while the rest of us laughed-- and everyone was hungry enough to eat a horse. Once I got my evening sickness under control (fresh cut lemons really do work wonders, Sammi has now brought me an entire bag), there was absolutely nothing left of my chicken, broccoli and shrimp. Though all the others gave me a run for my money....particularly Tori, haha. Hot damn, does she have an appetite.

Oh. Tori and I found out what Diesel had been transporting (at least from Chicago to New Orleans) while the three proxies in our little family talked business over the dinner table. Turns out there was a shit-ton of laptops brought to a place in Chicago where they hoard them-- laptops stolen from runners or taken from them after..."the boss caught up with them." They have a team in New Orleans that compiles all of the data from those and distributes it to the rest of the network.

You think they're smart?

Either ways, after dinner, we came back to Antithesis and decided to break in the Wii, since Sammi brought a TV home in celebration of Diesel's return (not quite as big as she'd aimed for, but still my armspan at least). I think this picture (taken from Diesel's new iPhone, no less), is self-explanatory. I promise when we get really good at the Mii games, we'll post some funny screencaps and videos.

From left to right is Tori, myself, Sammi, Ryan, and Diesel. Oh, Ryan does have a comment to add here...

software limitations

giving me eyes


Heh. Trust me, we spent at least a half hour trying to make his Mii look more like him....Nintendo never thought to make an eyepatch for these? Or an emo-haircut? Really? I'm still miffed about how ugly the pigtail style looks, though, and how the one I used is the closest I can get to curly hair.

But. That's a little glimpse into the home life of some proxies, a runner that said "fuck it," and a civilian who's in love with the master of the house.

Awwwww..... :)

Heh~. We're gonna wait to hear word from Liesical now--  peace out.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Amending Already

I made a small change to Rule 6 and a big change to Rule 7.

Also it looks like we'll be getting our first not-Tori guest soon.