Monday, November 26, 2012

OoC: Out of time.

Alright, um...where to begin? I don't even know. D: Do you think we should start by first apologizing for disappearing for so long, for no apparent reason, and with no explanation? That should work! ...You first.

Hell no! Both of us together now: we're sorry.

Right, so that's that. First thing out of the way. We've got the ball rolling. I think. Erm....I'd better go into introductions before explanations, probably.

Alright! Awkward hello time! Yay! Oh I just love awkward hellos! For those of you who haven't met us out of character somewhere along the line, I'm the primary author of the Copycat canon, and I'm her co-author. :D I was the one who scripted our timelines and events and wrote Lucia, and I took her scripts and wrote Ryan. Among all of the other characters, anyway. This is the first time we (and yes, there's been two of us all along) are coming online publicly, as ourselves instead of our characters-- to talk to the whole bunch of bloggers out there (what's left of you all) instead of just talking at you guys for once. Er, well, we may still be taking at you.......but this time has a reason.

By now, you might have noticed/been irked by our persistent use of past tense. There's no easy way to come out and make the announcement that we've dragged ourselves online again for. You probably know what's coming. You're all smart and we're not the first ones to do this. And as much as we hate breaking character after so long, we couldn't just leave you guys hanging without explanation (even though we did for so long)...and we really, really, really hate doing it, especially after the months and months of carefully-crafted, carefully-upkept immersion in the obscenely complex and involved plot that we'd built for ourselves..... we'd given it a lot of thought over a tough few weeks... and we finally decided sometime in August-- that we're calling off our blog-verse. That is to say, Call me a Copycat, Antithesis, the functionally-dead-but-we-had-plans-for-paranormal-activity Remedial Sketchbook, and our season three antagonist's Someone Shot the Trumpeteer.

Now it's official. Oh I hate this. T_T Yeah,'s off our chests, hun.

It's taken us since August to write this post. 

And it's hard to say "I quit," after all of the time and effort that we've sunk into our canon (no, make that blogging as a whole!), not to mention how much fun we've had doing it...but our lives away from our writings have gone three ways to hell since the past summer. We can't keep this awesome game up anymore. We've come to the point nowadays where we just can't put out the quality of writing with the ease and speed that we used to-- and though for a while we kept up a pretty damn good facade of it at first, over the summer when we were able to write all damn night and live off of a few hours of sleep.....once we got back to school, things really started biting us in the asses.

Hopefully you'll take our explanations for this excuses and not want to punch us too badly when we're done. =x

I'll start. The first thing that started to go bad for us was when I moved from Pittsburgh to Lewiston, Maine this past summer. It was an unforeseen sort of thing and there wasn't anything I could do about it. I'm actually a minor and it's not like I could just move in with her. By the way, the move had NOTHING to do with the killing off of my character. We actually planned to have him die a long time before we did do him in but then we thought that a longer life would, um.....uh yeah sorry about all of your heart strings. D8

Any way. I moved and now we couldn't just jump out our bedroom windows and run a few streets at 3 AM anymore if we needed to talk something over or hammer out a part of our writing or even if we just wanted to chill. And we still keep in touch but we haven't been able to brainstorm or share creative thoughts at the drop of a hat like we used's just hard. I miss her (shut up, you're gonna make me cry.... ;_;) and I feel like I'm completely out of touch with not only home I left in PA but by now our blogging and the world we built together. I can't even get on the computer much anymore to do school stuff let alone write or help to write a blog series. I hate it. This is why this blog here was the first one to fall to the wolves from neglect. I was supposed to continue and write Sammi when Ryan died but that didn't happen. I feel guilty really for being the first nail in our story's coffin.

Oh, don't say that, damnit! It was really me that killed our writing, and I'll admit that. is eating my life. Even though the fact that he's six states away these days was weighing on my mind-- I'm drowning under eighteen college credits as a commuting OT major. It was tough to keep up, and I really tried to. And then I had a mental breakdown/eye strain attack during my second week of classes.

I just go so far behind myself on our blogging...and really, I had no intention of "Leichentuch von Federn" being my last post. Hell, it was supposed to lead into....something, something I don't even remember anymore. I'm furious with myself over all of the plotlines that I started early on and left hanging for too long. I had an ending for all of them somewhere back there, and now I don't even remember what they all were.

The big part that stopped us from just writing a quick ending and packing up cleanly was, we cared too much about our story to just give it a bad ending. Seriously, we love our characters way too much to just give them a mediocre, "woo, that's that, happily/sadly ever after" treatment. We felt like it would be worse to end it than to leave it hanging once we couldn't write anymore. So that's the big reason why it's been three months since you've seen hide or hair of us.

When we started writing in August 2011, it was a sort of experiment on my part-- an exercise to teach myself how to write spontaneously and  well at the same time, all while keeping to a schedule. I actually wasn't supposed to write at first but I started getting involved as Ryan and it took off from there. I'd like to believe that it was a success, you know? I achieved so much more than I ever hoped to. The both of us definitely grew as authors...but I figure it was more about the journey than the destination, haha.

I'd never been so emotionally involved in my writing. I never wrote seriously before.

At the end of everything, our experience here was a great ride. I absolutely loved donning the personality of Lucia and coming online every day to something new. And I'm so thankful that I met all of you, too many of you to name-- and hell, it's you guys that made this so much fun! So from the bottom of my heart....thank you to everyone who followed us, who supported us, who antagonized us....everyone who was part of our canon, too. You all really helped us turn this from a writing exercise into a seriously memorable period of our lives.

I started off as an extra and ended up missed. And that enough makes me in awe of you all for actually liking my writing. Really tho. I had the most fun I can remember having for a long time here.

We love you guys. Yes. Yes we do.

 And as for our characters? Well...

Lucia went on to have a happy and healthy baby on October 3rd. One day, she'll be as back to normal as she's ever going to be (though she's never, ever going too marry because there's no way she's ever going to be able to replace Ryan. Let's be realistic here.). And one day, she'll make it out to California (by plane as opposed to train) to live with her dad and be reunited with her little brothers.

Speaking of her dad! N. Michelangelo Catalliagna is a weapons designer/dealer-- one of his brainchild designs happened to be Leo's fighting fans. He's a Bunny Ears Lawyer at heart and I wish you all could have gotten to know him the way we designed him.

Sammi and Diesel go on to run Antithesis after Lucia leaves town.

Ryan  may or may not have committed a grand coup on Lucia's guardian angel. <3

Leo's going to be burning buildings until the day he dies....which, all things considered, might not be far off-- but he's okay with that. As long as he goes down in flames, he's chill.

The Manticore leaves Lucia when she leaves the state. He goes off in search of a more suitable host body, though something in him might have changed after witnessing all of the events that he did. Where did he go, might you ask? Well...hell if we know.

And Devin? He's going to grow up to be a real troublemaker. Just like his dad! And ornery as a mule like his mom, too, haha. His eyes are going to be slanted like a cat's (like Lucia's) and emerald green (like Ryan's!) once they settle into their colors...but as for now, he's quite a cute little baby!

So at the end of the day...keep on evading that Slenderman, boys and girls. Or killing people on his bidding! Whatever you do-- do it your way, do it differently, and have all the fucking fun in the world with it while you can! We're going to miss you all terribly. It's been one hell of a ride!

 The authors!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Waves are risin' for this time of year

So Whitecrow is gone. He kinda floated out on Tuesday. Good riddance.

I don't miss him, and I don't think anyone does. You know, it was sorta hilarious to watch him talk of big game, act like a douche, pick a fight with Lucylu....and then spend the rest of the week huddled in his bed like a little ninny! Hah. What goes around comes around, cockshiner.

Everyone got to breathe again, finally, without having to worry about his stanky birdy stank getting in their noses. We've all been so seriously stressed out, so it's a nice change. Tori has been committing laptop homicide....unfortunately, Lucylu committed the electronic version of involuntary manslaughter via a cup of coffee right around the same time. Oops. I've gotten Diesel to bring her back a shiny new laptop, though. With luck, this one won't meet with such a terrible fate.

I think there's something else on Lucylu's mind too, though. And I think I know what that is. Just  a hunch. Haha. It's not like her to stay off of the computer this long. I'll see if I can't prod her into coming clean about it tonight.



Saturday, August 4, 2012

A crow flew to me

So, I've got some good news, some bad news, and some funny news for all of you.....

 In that order!

The good news (aside from that I'm writing again! :D) is that we've got another guest in the house for the first time since Specs passed away. Liesical left yesterday for an undisclosed reason, actually, but today we got a new guy on pretty short notice. And by short notice....I mean like, we knew he was coming about an hour in advance. But that's all cool, right? A guest is a guest, and a new face is always welcome.

The bad news? Well, the guest so happens to be the guy that sent Lucylu's blood pressure through the roof two months ago....oops. I was worried on how she was going to handle this one, to be honest.

But that brings me to the funny news:

Lucylu took it all with calmness, grace, and then proceeded to break the bird-based-boy's nose with a punch to the beak.

She wants to post about that herself though, so I'll let her do that and link this post to it when it happens. XD Aw yeah. Antithesis is back in business! Also thank you millions for cleaning up the blog for me, Diesel. T_T


EDIT: And here's Lucylu's post.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Cleaning things up.

Diesel here.

Since Sammi seems to have said fuck-all to keeping up with this blog lately, I'm going to give it a once-over and do some editing to bring it back to its former usefulness between now and my next run on Wednesday.

Just a public service announcement. Keep calm and carry on.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Dark Side Has Cookies

Sammi's cookies to be exact. 

Hello all, this is Tori. I've already made a post on my blog with details about this, so here's the spark-notes version. I'm not a proxy and I'm still the medic here at Antithesis. Lucia added me to the roster here, so I figured I'd do something with it. 
I'm not exactly sure what that "something" is yet... Hey, I can't spend a month over every decision I make, right? I figure that I'll just post when needed. I'm sure that if you wanted to listen to whatever popped into my mind you'd follow my personal blog. 

So I'll just leave you with the best way to kill time on your computer ever.

Monday, June 18, 2012

A bleeding heart still pounds

Well, let's see, what's new here?

Lucylu's gotten her voice back from Ursula the, no, I wasn't watching The Little Mermaid or anything like that, why the hell are you looking at me that way? Anyway, Lucylu is speaking again, and boy am I glad to have her back. Even though I was one of the people that was all like, "LUCIA! Y U NO SPEAK TO US BEFORE YOU SPEAK TO COMPUTER!?" Gotta respect that she picked 2 AM to brave it. I know I was sure as hell asleep. I worked nine to five that day and I'd sooner stick pins in my eyeballs than be up at two after a nine to five.

Anyway where was I? Oh, Lucia beating the post-traumatic mime disorder.....right. Well.....about that. Since maybe ten o' clock tonight, she hasn't stopped talking. Or to be more specific, cursing loudly. Very loudly. And colorfully. See, she was friends with the Luminoth guy that this douche turned into an accessory the other day......not to phrase it like that, but....yeah. When I found out that that's what went down, I was worried that it would shock her back into silence. On the contrary, she's taking it sportingly with anger, and has politely warned said cocky douche that she's going to break his nose in a heartbeat if she ever sees him in person. Personally, I'd do worse, but.....

Man, do I feel bad for her, still.

Wolfy's been through the wringer lately, too. She and Lucylu have been leaning on each other to varying extents about everything. I'll let them talk about those things though, because....I'm just here to help and be the designated, plucky comedy relief (which I have been doing a bad job of lately. Can you blame me?). I'm not the person to be a storyjacker. Fell and I have been talking a lot lately, too. The big thing the four of us have gotten from talking as a group lately is deciding to make a gigantic shopping run together and generally be girly sometime this week. We need it to distract ourselves from all of the stress and mess, I think. We scheduled hair appointments and everything, so I'm excited!

If you couldn't tell yet, baking some cookies and stealing (and then scrapping for the good of humanity) a few tubas has done wonders for my mood this week. I think I can speak for both Diesel and myself when I say that life has returned to its normal pace at long last. We wake up, hang around, go to work, and come home, just like we used to. We've pretty much accepted that things are never going to be the exact same in here, ever again.....but we can't dwell on it, and we can try our damndest to come as close as we can.

The only thing that's still eating at me is what I can take away from this past month to make myself a better person. Hey, I'm not letting Specs' influence on me disappear just like that.


Friday, June 8, 2012

It's a long way

I hate to say it, but guess what? We've somehow gotten to be in even worse shape.

Lucylu's doing better, I'll give her that, and an "A" for effort. Since the last time I posted, she hasn't had any major malfunctions or meltdowns or freak moments of shouting at a poltergeist......well, no worse than the rest of us, anyway. For all of us, now that the initial hurt and shock are over, they've been replaced by a big dark cloud of silence or emptiness. Like I said....I give Lucia credit because she's trying her damndest to come to terms with it. That's more than I can say for myself. I've just been pushing it out of my head, which is all good and well until I come home for dinner and see the empty spot at the head of the table.

Then I'm more like Diesel. He's been sullen and introverted, and suddenly doing things that he hasn't done in months, maybe years. Like deciding out of the blue one day that he wanted to get around to fixing the broken toy soldiers in his collection, or maybe coming home from work late because he felt like buffing a long-standing dent out of his truck's cab. It's almost, well....I think he's decided to stop putting shit off. I think this all has given him a new outlook on life. He's supposed to go out on a short run starting tomorrow afternoon and be back within a few days, too. I hope that, maybe, the open road'll help his mood.

What's really bugging me today now is that I'm worried as shit about Wolfy. From what I can gather, she took a trip to try and find this guy she cares about.....didn't find him, and the boss was pissed that she even tried. I was there when she came back, Fell and I were....and Lucylu was sleeping, thank god.....but the boss was in the house too like a second after Wolfy was, and boy was he mad. He tore up her's knitted doll, threw it at her and just turned and vanished....he was there long enough for me to panic but not long enough to freak out. I was more worried about her once he was gone, because I saw that she was bleeding. Once I saw the blood was black, though....I ran for the first aid kit.

Fell cleaned the wound and patched her up, and we tried to talk to her.....she's not talking now, either. Even worse, she's just got her laptop in her hands and sitting there, no matter what Fell and I do....I just feel so useless anymore. I can't help Lucylu feel better, I can't help Wolfy find who she's looking for, and I couldn't even help Specs.

Alright, it's last resort time.....when in doubt, bake. It'll help me get my mind to a better spot and maybe some cookies will brighten someone's day, at least.


[[Dieseledit]] My altruism has a rash and it itches like a bitch: I swear that I'm the only one who's seen this so far. Seems like a certain self-imposed martyr is trying to pick up his pieces at long last and get a grip on his life. I'm not sure whether to point it out to Lucia or not, or if she's seen it, or I dunno....I just don't want to cause another complication. I just feel like he might be getting an angle that we're incapable of.

I've seen it. somebody tell him that Clay isn't an "it."

On a different note, yes. I'm determined to finish my bucket list at a young age. Even if it's a little mundane. The score still sits at Saebr: 3 and Diesel: 0. I'm going to even it, damn it.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Days begin to end

I've really been letting this whole "keep up the blog" thing go to shit. Yeh, let's nip it in the butt while I'm in the mood to write.....

I don't think any of us were specific before, but the Rakeminions scattered after Tony bit off more than he could chew......with Specs and all. We've been able to leave the house and go down to the ground lately, even at night. I think Liesey is breathing for the first time since he showed up at our proverbial doorstep again. It's almost surreal to be back to our regular old lives, just.....just missing someone. It's like we've all got a big hole missing in our hearts.

Some bigger than others.

Wolfy left somewhere. I didn't ask where. She left Fell with us, and Lucylu made her promise to come back safe, so...I don't know how far she's gotten or why. I just hope she stays safe and comes back at least a little happier. Lucylu seems confident that it's for a good cause, of luck, Wolfie.

Speaking of Lucylu, though....she scared the everloving bejeezus out of me today. She hasn't been one for talking, see, so I've grown accustomed to seeing her silently brooding over the laptop in the sitting room, typing or working on the piece of music she's writing for Amy (it's gorgeous and icy-sounding, btw). I didn't think that this afternoon would be any different.....well, imagine my reaction, will you when the whole sitting room is peaceful and then BAM!

She sat straight up and shrieked something. I only made out a few words, something like "borderline, somethingsomething godforsaken dream something cocksucker, somethingsomething go to hell."

When I asked her about it, she just looked at me, rolled her eyes, and went back to entering notes.

I spent the rest of the day hiccuping spasmatically with fright. I really, really, really hope she gets her taste for talking back soon.......


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I fucking hate everything

Let me repeat that: I fucking hate everything.

Lucylu added this account as an author here this afternoon while she was typing something up so I feel obligated to maintain it. It's sort of like the least I can do for her right now.

I don't even know how to run a blog, let alone a house. I'm glad I have help.

I just....I don't fucking know. I'm numb. We all are. But do you know what?

Scars heal, glory fades,
And all we're left with are the memories made.


Thursday, May 17, 2012

Notes #4

I'd just like to thank my lucky stars for a second here that I'm not an official 'mentor.'

Since I'm off my normal jobs lately so I can get away with working on the go in a second's notice I'm getting stuck with some pretty weird things. I had to tutor a kid even younger than me on how to use trench knives in a fight the other day. It was really hard and I'm definitely not the teaching type.

I feel bad because I've been way too busy to update here lately. That's probably only going to get worse when Lucia and I leave for our vacation in the near future. I guess the only points that I need to hit on right now are the easy ones....

First, Diesel is in the house. I need to be better at keeping track of these things. Since Leo left our only unusual guest is Liesical....and even then he's not a stranger. So things are quiet as the crowd at a Nickelback concert right now.

Second, Sammi's got a gun now. Diesel brought it back for her so he and I can teach her how to shoot. It's a little 9 mm handgun. It's gonna be a load off of her conscience if she can learn how to defend herself. Lucia is practically seething with envy too, haha. I just keep telling her that she only has to wait until October before she can do fun things again.

Third. Baseball. It's all we've been playing in our off time lately. Dare I say it, but we're having a ball. :) Hahahaha.

I'm sorry if I seem a little out of it. My mind is other places right now.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Burn it all away.

Okay first of all, this isn't Lucia, this isn't Ryan....this is Leo and damnit, they're not letting me eat and/or leave until I finish this post. Hahahahahahaha. Oh well I guess I'd better get this done already....I've got some important things to talk over with them before I go too, and I don't want to have to rush that.

So you all know what happened by now and want the details. You know that the fucking mongrel pissed me off by talking about my little cousin. You know I like fire and I've been burning shit that needed burned all month. You know that I made friends with Old Andrew in no time once I started working back here in the Burgh. But you're wondering why I ended up grinning like the cat that got mauled by the canary and had an ear fill up/scab over with blood, before he swallowed the fucking piece of shit. Well that's what I'm here to tell you.

I actually planned to go in alone, but in hindsight it's a really good thing that Old Andrew saw the fuckface's comment and got pissed off too. He gave me a call while I was gearing up to wreak some mayhem. Oh man was I hoping to burn their whole nest down. I took six bottles of lighter fluid with me. six! But anyway Andrew told me to wait an extra twenty outside the building, he wanted to come too.

By the time he got there, I'd caught sight of one of the mutts skulking around at the end of the street. Some ugly motherfucker he was. He was pale as a ghost and walked with this sort of hunched over posture when he even bothered to walk. His default movement was crawling around like the dog that he was. His hands were hard for me to look at actually once we got closer. The fingers were almost totally fleshless, the meat there was was rotting, and  all of his bones were huge, sharp, and twisted into these longass claws. He didn't wear shoes, and judging by the looks of his feet, the toes were starting to undergo the same sort of process.

Andy is a lucky shot.

His first shot at the monster missed him entirely and so did the third, but the second hit the dog in the back of his knee. Down and out like that, hahahahaha. At first I was worried that people were going to hear the gunshots but as soon as I heard the silencer he had on it, I was way less worried. Still worried but we weren't there long anyway. It was fucking hilarious how easily that dog spilled his guts about where to find his "brothers," the "other children" once he had one of my fans lined up to the back of his head. Not like it stopped me from splattering his brains all over the sidewalk anyways, hahahaha. Andrew marked the body for disposal and we went on our way.

The nest was in an old Strip District loft. the place was filthy as the creatures living there. Old and d ecrepit, like it hadn't been taken care of in  years. Sure didn't help that there were those dirty mutts in there. They had two sentries on guard but I'm invisible so that's a moot point isn't it? The dogs didn't even see me until i was right in their communal living space. I saw the thing I was after right away. This Tony douche. He wasn't hard to find, he was the only dark face in the whole building, and the only one with those god damn eyes. He took one look at me and Old Andrew and turned tail like the brave fucking coward that he is.

All of his little brothers fought the battle for him, heh.

At first I thought I'd bitten off more than I could chew when they zerg rushed Andy and I. My fans work great as sheilds but there were so many of them clawing at my arms and my back. Andy fired off shots but one of them had his arm and he couldn't properly aim. He didn't hit a damn thing on that first round, I don't think. They all looked different, too. Like they were all in varying degrees of transformations into a miniRake themselves. Some of them had grey skin, some were emaciated, most had those dead body claws, some had these teeth, sort of snouts.....they were all ugly as sin, I'm here to tell you.

I figured, I was fucked if I just stood there, so I took a chance, closed my fans, and started swinging. I could feel myself catching some of them with the knife edges but they just kept coming. It wasn't until I clocked this one ugly fucker who had teeth to spare growing out past his lips and the longest claws I'd seen yet did they stop in their tracks.

I'd hit their beta male. But you know I didn't care. I was in the moment. He was dazed and even though I was bleeding all over the place, I didn't care. I had a target and something to take my anger out on, even if it wasn't the one that said it about Ren. I just kept swinging. Once. smashed him across the face. The dogs jumped back. Twice. Cracked his skull downwards and watched the blood fly. The dogs were running away. Andy was shooting emptying his entire magazine.

Three times. broke his head open the other way. Four. Followed him down and tore his throat open with my knife side. Five. started tearing into him with the hooked part of the knifes both of them. Flesh was flying off the blade and off the corpse like water. It was so fucking satisfying, after all the trouble they'd given Liesical. After what their good for nothing leader said about my little cousin. It was fucking great.

Old Andrew yelled my name, though. Told me enough. Enough, he's already dead. I looked up at him and then looked down at the dog I'd been attacking. There really wasn't a dog left. Just. a bloodstain all over the floor and the walls and me with this pile of ragged flesh in the middle. intestines, bones, half a heart, shrapnel.....I got up. Overkill, again.

There was another one left in the room though. The rest had run down the stairs or jumped out on to the rooftops. Andrew must have crippled one with a shot. Well I took all six of my cans of lighter fluid, doused the fucker in it, took one of my firebombs, set it down on the pool surrounding the whining mutt.....all it took was one fan to get him burning good. I didn't stay to watch though. I was covered in deep ass gashes. I still sort of am. I needed stitches for a lot of them. Old Andrew looked even worse. Hell, I thought I was missing an ear, even though it just got filled with blood. Not all of it mine, hahahaha.

I don't know. I'm pretty satisfied with how that came out. I didn't get this Tony fuck, but....I think an insult for three of his brothers'  lives is worth it. Nobody talks about my family without answering to me. I might not bet here to protect them but I sure can protect their name and their memory. And I swear after I go, if my hosts, if Ms. Lucia and Mr. Saebr need anything. you can bet I'll be back guns blazing hahahahaha.

Huh....I come off as a violent type of guy don't I. Oh well. It's been nice sort of knowing all of you guys but like I said, I'm leaving tonight. Back on the road again. I finally got my post up. Now LET ME EAT, AHHHHHHH!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Underground? Not really.

I'm going to do Ryan's blog-keeping job for him tonight, just as a little favor while he's helping the new guest settle in. As of tonight, Antonio is taking Diesel's room for a while-- and though at first he was a little wary of advertising that he's here, once he'd spent an hour in the house, he realized that there's not much that's going to be getting in unwanted. So I'm allowed to post this publicly. Apparently the shitstorm he's caught up in about Patch, Maya, and Ryan-2 is not going well. That's more reason, of course, why I haven't set foot on the ground outside of going to the hospital, in forever....gah, it's a good thing I'm not susceptible to cabin fever, else I'd be losing my mind by now.

Either ways, Antonio is going to be with us indefinitely, until he feels a little more comfortable going outside. Apparently, the dude's got enemies in town on both sides-- that of the runners and of our own. How he's gone about achieving that...I don't even want to ask. Like Ryan says, it's not our job to ask. It's our job to stay impartial and shelter the poor (lovely) suckers passing through.

So I'm not asking.

Anyways, Leo's going to be leaving sometime next week, but before he does go, he's going to finish the story he's been typing up-- slowly, that is. When he feels like typing it. Day by day. That may or may not be the next post to this blog, I can't tell for sure-- either way, it's saved and author'd on my account here.

I'd love to peek, but I'm not allowed.

Oh yeah, Liesical's gone social and started torrenting movies for us to find a way to watch on the big TV. I'm supposed to mention that he has a personality outside of his twitching. It's a plus that he's less catatonic anymore, but he has remembered that he's allergic to (and deeply creeped out by) my cat.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Hit the Deck

We're not leaving the house for the next few days unless we absolutely need to. There's a lot of problems flying and I'd like to stay out of all of them. Diesel has left to make another run so there's not as much brute strength in the house as there should be and there's more and more complications building up.

First, Soulpatched is in town on some sort of rampage. He's coming after some guy who's name is also Ryan. That is not okay with me. I think the trope is called 'One Steve Limit.' Meaning I don't need confused with some other guy. There's already enough people out there who would like to try to squish me like a stink bug. I don't want to get in trouble for something stupid like my name.

I also don't trust him around Lucia at this point. She's been in touch with one of his friends, Maya, and I'm getting the wrong vibe off of this guy from the way everyone is talking about him. So that's reason one why we're staying up here.

Reason two is a lot less simple to avoid.

Tony's gone and crossed the line. Again. I don't think any of us are surprised. It's a matter of who he crossed the line with this time though. Leo and.....Andy surprisingly. Or not you know, he brought Marco into it.....

Any way. Leo met Andy on the job a few nights ago and they exchanged phone numbers. Andy still lurks the blogs here even though he can't comment on Lucia's anymore. They both saw the last mocking comment that Tony made when Lucia and I thought that giving our son the middle name of Renard would be a good memory to our friend.....well Leo's not about to let some mongrel dis his family. And Andy is still plotting revenge after Marco got killed.

I think they're going to do something stupid or brave or just something out of rage. And I don't want any of us to be anywhere near the ground when it happens.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Demo Man

Since I can make TF2 shout outs too. Even though I'm a bad Demoman. And the only thing that really counts as a shout out here is that both topics have the word 'demo' in them. It's not even the same sense of the word. I gave up being a Demoman actually. I'll be a Sniper thanks.

Any way, Luc is going to let me post about yesterday's demonstration because it's a "house wide" thing instead of just her interest. It was definitely house wide though. Right before dinner, everyone here gathered around out on the patio. Luc and I sat in some nice deck chairs, Sammi sat on the railing like a lunatic, Diesel stood by her to keep her from falling off, Tori took the table, and even Liesical and his PTSD symptoms slunk out to watch the fireworks. Literally. Fireworks.

We were waiting around for a couple minutes before Leo came outside with his backpack. He had this huge grin on his face. I know he's ready for work tonight. It's been a long time since I've seen someone so enthusiastic to get back. That was the first time I saw him grin like that actually. It's pretty weird to see because the burn scars cover part of his lip and it gives him a killer uncanny valley effect. That's another thing we have in common.

He put down the pack and it made this huge thud. Metallic. Like the prop frames in band used to when someone dropped them on pavement. If anyone could have taken a step back they would have. But nobody could so we stayed where we were.

"Watch n' learn, ladies and gentlemen, slenderfolk of all ages." He said as he unbuckled the top flap of his bag. "I'm not gonna get a real flame going up here, but I'll show you the whole range of motions." He had wanted to find an isolated spot in the woods to maybe catch on fire for us but again we're not too keen on leaving with all the dog people down there, like Luc said. The balcony did just fine and his demo was cool enough without the fire. "It'll be a good warm up for me," he went on and looked up at us. "'cause I've gotta be out of shape by now."

We all watched like our lives depended on it as he pulled two metal bars, three feet long a piece, 4" wide and 1" thick out of the main pocket. I was sort of confused then. What does that have to do with fire starting, I thought?

"I-beam segments?" Diesel asked, confused as me.

"Just watch." Leo smirked and held the things out to his sides. His arms were open wide like a bird getting ready to dive off of a building. He stood there for about ten seconds before flicked both of his wrists downward at the same time, and then there was this incredibly loud metal clanking. Sharp. And a click at the end of the noise as the object locked itself into place.

The entire bar had folded out and I saw then that it wasn't solid at all. There were about a dozen and a half slats that had comprised the original bar that formed a heavy sort of ribbing. Each separate piece had a sharp distal end like a knife. The ribbing was connected by thick brown leather pulled taut by the slats folding out. All I could think of was Avatar Kyoshi. I mean, he sure fit the bill. Huge, stern, and with those weapons....

Lucia leaned forward and laughed. "Motherfucking fighting fans. You can't be serious." She had a huge grin on her face as Leo pulled the things closer to his body and looked over to us.

"I have to make myself unique somehow, miz."

We all watched a little skeptically at first. Fans aren't really intimidating in the grand scale of weapons. But with his first move, we all took the skeptical back and watched in awe. He lunged forward suddenly, striking at an imaginary target with the razor rim of one fan. I didn't think it would be so aerodynamic but it swung easily as if he were swinging a knife. At the same time, he brought the other arm forward with all of his force in a wide arc. It made a dull, muted roaring sound.

Everyone felt the wind come off of the blow a few seconds later. We were all standing at least twenty feet away from him but everyone's hair got blown back a bit. That's when we dropped the awe and realized that Leo is no laughing matter.

"They work like bellows," Lucia muttered sounding every bit in disbelief, "he literally fans the flames."

He made another few strikes and cuts with the rims using both arms, one at a time, each making the swooshing sound of a blade, all in different directions: backhand, forehand, parry an imaginary blow, wind up with the other arm and swing so hard I can't believe his arm didn't leave its socket. It hit me kinda slowly how strong he must be physically to handle those things like they're nothing. Or how much practice it must have taken to do that.

He looked back at us and grinned again. "I'm rusty after three weeks, sorry."

"You call that RUSTY?!" Sammi yelled from the railing. Diesel had an arm on her to keep her from falling back as she flailed all over the place. "That's fricken' amazing!"

"Heh. I'm just getting warmed up."

He went on to do more complicated maneuvers: more of the actual fanning in between a few odd strikes and parries. I could picture the air currents being forced into shape as a crazy wind whipped up on the patio. Once he even pulled back, shut one of the fans so it looked like a bar again, and swung it like a club or a bat before flipping it open again to parry.

He kept his eyes firm on his imaginary enemy moving faster and faster as he tried to kill the invisible foe. He dodged and ran in circles, always attacking or defending himself. Three minutes passed before he clicked the fans shut and threaded them through loops on this belt/harness/ammo belt thing he was wearing. He shrugged and reached for his empty thigh holster, pulled out an imaginary flare gun, leveled it at Invis-o-Bill, and said "Bang."

By the time he was done and turned back he was sweating like a monster and we were all dumbstruck. Nobody knew what to say as the displaced wind died down.

Diesel started a slow clap, though. We all joined in. Leo just bowed and said "Well, I hope watching me get my groove back was entertaining."

Oh it was. It really was. I'm glad he's on the same side as us. I'm looking forward to working with him for the rest of the month.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Beat Up Bunch

If I didn't know any better, I'd say my sitting room was a doctors office waiting room about now. I have a black eye on top of more normal things, Leo's got earplugs in because he's got a migrane and wants to ignore Liesical, Liesical is jumping at every sudden movement and probably gave Leo the migrane to begin with, and Diesel might have just gotten himself impaled with a knitting needle for poking Lucia's stomach.

Wait. Let me go check on that.

No, that shreik of terror was just from her threatening him with it. Haha.

Any way. We're all getting better or better than we were, but it's still kinda funny 'cause we all look like death. It doesn't help that the weather is out there being bipolar again. We've seriously had hail, sleet, rain, and beautiful skies alternating in the past four hours alone.

D'ah there goes the rain again.

ANY WAY, I got back to work last night after getting a little holiday leave, too. It was a little different this time than normal though. Amy suggested to Lucia and I that I start wearing a mask to work to cut down on the number of fighters recognizing me and figuring it's a good idea to try to beat me to a pulp. :| This black eye was the last straw because now they're starting to come in groups and actually land hits on me. Apparently, I'm getting to be well known around here for all the easy kills on idiots I've been racking up....oh well! Infamy is nice in it's own kind of way. Actually, when the boss saw me I think he was confused as to why I suddenly started following proxy fashion trends.....I tried explain it to him but I don't think he gets this whole "I kinda value my life" thing.

I'll post a picture of my mask to my Sketchbook blog when I have time to get a good one from Luc's iPhone. Knit gave me some great ideas while I was painting it. The lighting in here sucks right now (even though in a few minutes it probably won't) and I don't think the candlelight gives it its full effect. I might draw a portrait of myself in full costume though just for fun. I went with the costume thing 'cause I figured if I'm going to be wearing a mask I might as well go all out on making myself look typical/uncanny. It worked too, haha. People that saw me used to get squicked out or weak kneed because I guess I'm startling to look at, but last night I teleported into a room and made some girl scream and run. I felt good about myself. :D

I need to finish a portrait of a good friend first before I do that one though. The one of myself. Maybe I should sit down in front of the mirror and do some serious drawing tonight before I go working again...yeah. That'll be nice. I haven't had time to do that in forever. That way Luc can sit with me and keep knitting the baby blanket she's working on without me distracting her for help because I suck at Pokemon, haha.

This house needs to make a collective effort to look less of a mess between now and dinner though. We're getting Chinese and we don't need people facedown in the noodles at the table.

Friday, April 6, 2012


Ryan started this post before he went off to work last night, but I'm going to finish it for him. He got punched pretty hard in the face and is consequently completely blind until the swelling goes down, so I'm being his seeing-eye-Lucia for the moment. Here goes:

Lucia and I weren't ready to meet Leo in person.

I guess it goes to show you that it's a small world after all and no matter how well you think you get a read on someone through the internet, you never know what they'll be like in person. Or what they'll look like. Or what their last name is if you're not smart enough to ask.

When Leo first dropped his invisibility and stepped off the train, I had to do a double take. I could have sworn that he was my old student mentor, back from the grave and looking mad enough to beat me within an inch of my life again. It took me more than a second to see the differences in their appearance. I couldn't get past the size and the glasses. I'm not exaggerating the size either....I'm no shorty but everyone in the Bohnne family makes me feel an ant.

"You Ryan, man?" He said. He had walked towards me right away. I think he knew me from the start because I don't look anything like a regular person but he just wanted to make sure. You can never be too sure. He had two duffel bags thrown over one of his shoulders and a really big, heavy looking backpack over the other one. They were all khaki. We asked him where he got them, actually-- turns out he knows Ren's old trick: army surplus stores work wonders. He has a combat cap like mine, too-- only brown instead of black.

"Yeah." I said. I didn't know what else to say.

"You looked spooked. What, am I scary? I figured you could handle these," he waved his hand towards the burn scars on the left side of his body, "looking do." He hesitated because he's a lot more polite than a lot of people and I guess he didn't want to offend me.

"No, it's not the scars." I said. I shook my head and extended my hand to be more polite. Especially if he was going out of his way to be. I was not off to a good start in my books. "It''re not related to a Renard by any chance, are you?"

"How do you know him?" The look on his face was piercing. It was a look I knew too well actually. Ren would always use it if he thought I was up to something I shouldn't have been. Which to be fair I usually was so I usually deserved it.

"He was a friend of mine." I said quietly. "You look a lot like him. It sort of took me off guard."

"He was my little cousin. We all look the same." He sounded genuinely upset. I guess he already knew what had happened.

"I have a lot to fill you in on before we get back to my place then."

I wasn't sure how Lucia was going to take it so I was really worried at first. Leo and I took our times getting back to Antithesis. We moved in teleport time for the sake of not being followed home since we've had a lot of problems lately but I gave him the whole abridged situation about

That's as far as he got.

I'll finish this up quickly for him, so I don't drag on like I usually do with my own posts. He wanted me to talk first about the fact that Leo's going to be staying with us for most of the rest of the month. Their boss is going to give him another two weeks for the concussion to improve, but after that, there's shit to be burnt down. That's his job-- aside from the information networking stuff that Ryan does, too. He's promised to show us his weapons of choice once he gets a little better and feels like lifting them-- that's what's in the big pack-- 'cause he promised that they're awesome, haha. I'm already wondering what sort of godforsaken flamethrowers this man has found in his travels.

His whole affinity with fire made me think of Swan's story, actually.

The other thing I'm supposed to touch on is Liesical. Somehow, he found his way back here from Washington state again (which renders us asking Louis to say 'sup to him, moot).....being chased by Tony's ilk all the way. Sammi and Diesel came in with him at around five AM. And boy oh boy, if he was twitchy before....

So we're up to seven people here, as of today. We're one away from capacity, and-- though three of those seven are slightly beaten up right now, everyone's in fairly good spirits. We've made some serious progress on our home library, so most everyone's sitting out on the balcony and reading a book of their choice-- since it's a beautiful day, but nobody's quite feeling up to going anywhere. We all need some time to chill out, kick back, and enjoy life.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Pit Stop

Since yesterday, I've been emailing back and forth with a guy named Leo. He plans to come into town sometime on Tuesday. He'll be staying with us for at least a week.

The reason for the long stay is because he's recovering from a nasty concussion and he needs a place to crash without going off the radar. I know the feeling. Like I said....I've been talking to him and he seems to be a lot like me. It's been a long time since I've met one of my coworkers that can teleport and go invisible too. I don't know if he can do the other stuff I can, but those two likenesses are enough to make me eager to talk to him in person.

We're also all starting to come back down to earth haha. Today was the first breakfast in a week that didn't involve trading Pokemon.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Musical Posting

....because Lucia just handed off the laptop to me at a strange hour of the night. For a house with three laptops and two iPhones....there never seems to be enough technology to go around, haha. :|

She just got done posting Diesel's story. I feel like that's worth posting a link to here just because. If I can vent publicly about work, so can Diesel.

Right now we're all on a Pokemon hangover. Everything feels weird because we've had pretty much no interaction with the outside world other than work since the DSes came home over the weekend. It doesn't help that the weather has been weird. Thunderstorming one minute and cold, bright skies the next. I came home drenched yesterday because the sky randomly opened wide in the middle of last night. It's like we see everything through a magnifying glass up here like we are too.....

I think we've all got to sleep off the weird and get out more. Right? Right. We'll be back down to earth in a few days.

Um....maybe we should hide the DSes to help. That might be a good idea.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Notes #3

Louis went back out a few days back. Diesel and the rest of crew at the garage made record time on his engine. He's got more important runs to make soon, I guess. We all wished him good luck and told him to say hi to Liesical if he runs into him in Seattle. We also thanked him for putting up with the lot of us whippersnappers haha. No self respecting lumberjack should ever have to live in a city apartment full of proxies who could pass as college students for too long. It's good for his peace of mind that he can hit the road again.

He and Diesel told us all about their epic horror movie adventure on that last run too....Lucia went back over it with Diesel earlier in the day and recorded the whole thing on Snowball's voice memos. She's gonna be posting a transcript of that to her personal blog for them within the next few days. I'll put a link here for those of you that want to read that.

It was weird. Diesel and I switched roles for once. HE told ME about feeling bad for killing some poor crazy sucker. I guess being the first time he killed and all it would be hard, but....still a weird experience.

Other than that, working, and sleeping though we've all had our noses stuck in Pokemon video games. Everyone in the house. Me, Lucia, and Diesel are playing Black Version while Sammi and Tori are playing White version. We said to heck with the Wii for a while, haha. I never played Pokemon before this and I'm kinda kicking myself for it! It's so much fun.

......yeah, don't wonder where we are haha. Group addictions = fun for all.

Sunday, March 18, 2012


Diesel came back again today.

And there was much celebrating.

We're all happy to see him....even if the first thing he did before talking to any of us was run to the bathroom and shave off his pitiful excuse for a beard, before anyone (but me!) saw it, haha. Yeah. After that we were happy to see him.

We still don't know where he was. I don't think he's going to tell us, where exactly. He did say that he has a lot of venting to do though....which is good for us! He seems kinda stressed so it's good for him too. I think everyone here is on the edge of our seats with wanting to know the whole story. Or at least most of it. Or what he can tell us, you know.

Until we know though, I don't have much to say other than work yesterday was too long and it sucked like no other. I might have lost five pounds just running in circles for ten hours. And you don't want me to have much to say, haha. The other reason we're posting aside from letting everyone know that Diesel is alive is that he brought a guest home with him. One of the other truckers named Louis...who looks like a (self-described) stereotypical lumberjack. He'll be staying with us for a few days while his truck gets fixed at the garage here. I guess something happened to the engine or something while they were doing there thing and we're the closest place to crash at.

We've got some catching up to do with Diesel though so we're gonna cut it here. Man, posting together like this is fun.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


That's what they called it when I brought in three fighters two nights ago anyway. Two dead, one wounded. Corporate term, whatever. That adds to Luc's impression that the entire proxy operation is a gigantic cross between a company and the mob.

Any way, it got me the day off yesterday which is always a plus. I got to spend it relaxing with my family. That's always something I can be grateful for. It made me realize too that I'm going to need to start saving up for what do you call it. It's on the tip of my tongue. Any way I need to buy a 'marry me' ring sooner than later, or now haha.

While I'm typing I thought I'd talk about the job itself here actually. Usually I talk to Diesel about where I run to and what I end up killing in a night but he's not around and any trying to get in contact with him gets all of us his cheerfully vulgar voicemail. I don't want to make a habit of talking about work here because it's bad to broadcast your every move in the intelligence industry, but I need to vent more often than I can keep it in. So I'm venting for tonight.

Two nights ago I got sent after three people, two shady guys and this one chick with about twenty tattoos. They were runners, but I guess they all met up somewhere and talked it out and decided to become fighters. Big mistake. They picked the wrong town to get their start. Plus fighting only gets people like me sent after you. I wasn't supposed to kill them for sure, just stop them from collaborating and scare the crap out of them. I'm good for scaring people, especially new runners who haven't seen a lot of gore, haha. All I have to do is pull my hair back and show a couple extra scars. Heck, it was so warm I even wore a sleeveless shirt to show off the diamonds on my shoulders. But it didn't go so simply like I wanted it to. Things kind of escalated.

I was given a place and a time where they'd be. Some back alleyway under the bluff. Talk about genre-blind. I was surprised to see two of my coworkers there, too. It was actually Andy and another guy named Steven that I didn't know. Andy just smirked at me and cracked his neck. "'Sup, Scarface." He said.

The group of fighters was there ten minutes exactly after the time I was given. I let them stand and talk all huddled in a circle for a few minutes before I nocked my first arrow, pulled back, and shot. I wasn't aiming for anything, just trying to scare them, but the arrow buried into the shorter guy's shoulder two inches past the head. It pinned his arm into his ribcage and he fell over screaming and swearing. I was pretty proud of the random shot.

Andy and Steven walked into the alley before I did. Andy had his gun drawn and Steven was holding a copper pipe. It was probably epic when I followed right between them with my bow slung over my back again and a hunting knife in each hand in reverse grip. I took a few cues from Knit when it comes to knife fighting, haha.


The chick flipped out and pulled a gun of her own. It wasn't a chick gun either. It was a pretty high caliber hand gun. I thought for a second that I'd have to teleport to avoid her shooting me or one of the others but Andy is a quicker shot than I would have thought. He hit her in the hand and she dropped the thing. She started screaming at him, and at me, and at Steven before she used her other hand to draw a shortsword. It was one of those things that you can buy at the Renaissance Fair.

The other guy she was with turned tail and ran so I took aim and shot him too. The boss didn't say it was important to keep them alive and fighters, even noob ones are a lot more dangerous than plain runners.  didn't want them hurting anyone I know. I guess he the boss was hungry too because he just let me do it. I hit the guy square in the back of the head. Cleaning brains off of an arrowhead....not a nice experience. You know, I have to aim everything a little bit to the left when I shoot because I was right eye's weird to have to do.

The two guys ended up dying there which I guess is expected because I use bleeder edge hunting broadheads on my arrows and I hit them both in pretty vital places. I got both arrowheads back this time too, which is a plus. I didn't shoot the chick because something about that would have been wrong, even if she was trying to kill us more than the guys were. I'm pretty sure Andy took the shortsword off of her. He and Steven ended up taking all three of them to where they arranged to meet the boss.

I got word from a courier about two hours later that I'd have the next day off because I took care of a possible problem situation so quickly. A reward, haha. I kind of shook it off and took the day off as a day off because it bothers me how easy killing is to me. I feel like I shouldn't have an easier time hunting people than I do hunting deer, but I do.

Sorry....that was all kind of morbid wasn't it? I know I was just describing my job but I forget that most of you haven't ever killed someone. Or most of you aren't desensitized to it. Or most of you don't even think about it.

But seriously. If anyone sees Diesel, tell him to answer his phone and get back soon! If he's not here by Sunday...Sammi might just go off on a transglobal moose hunt. I don't want to have to talk about work on this blog anymore either because I feel like a total idiot right now. I feel better though. I'm not keeping it all cooped up.

I'm going to save happy thoughts for a different post. So for now, I'm going to sign off.

Oh yeah, we still have a lot of room here. I feel like we're going to have a guest drought maybe because everyone is so busy, but more life in the house is always a good thing.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Back to Work

I've had a great week bumming it, but sadly that's over. I meant to post yesterday or the day before but...I knew I'd have to go out tonight and I kept putting the post off. I wanted to spend time with Luc, okay? These schizophrenic episodes of hers are so bad for her and she needs someone close when they happen.

What I meant to post about was the boss coming to visit my home. I actually had something planned to say about it but it doesn't seem like it matters anymore. It was something stupid and kind of cowardly.

That was the first time the boss has been here in a long time. Only the second time he's been here since he first brought me here and left me to my own means. That seems like a really long time ago but it wasn't even a year. I've only been a proxy for...only since last May. I feel like it was a lifetime ago that I was given this house, and it seems like I've always been a proxy. Always. I've gotten so used to this beautiful house and this amazing life I've forgotten that it was ever any different.

I don't want to start going off on a ramble though. I just wanted to post to let everyone know that I'm back in action starting tonight. I've got a whole week's worth of sitting on the couch to shake off and I'm itching to do some running.

....and of course my first job back is boring lost and found duty. D: Oh well, quick night and it gives me more time to replace the arrowhead I lost and I've been putting off rebuying.

Maybe I'll be back on later along with Luc when she makes her post tonight to chat with anyone. But for now look out world, I'm ready to go!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Notes #2

I can't gather enough motivation up to be creative with the title. I feel like I've been running off of my second wind for days.

I haven't slept since seven yesterday morning so this might be kinda short. Long night at work and boy do  I need sleep. I'm sore, shaky, and my leg looks like it got in a fight with Jaws and lost. But of course, it's not life threatening so the boss is just going to let me heal on my own....I'm okay with that. Trips to the boss hospital suck.

I just wanna post before I turn in for a few hours. Or a few days. A few days would be nice.

First. I'm really scared that Sammi is going to take this as a challenge.....buuuuuuuut in the aftermath of what she did with Luc's blog, I went and changed my password to something ridiculously complicated to keep her out. Actually scratch that. That is a challenge. I'd love to see her crack this one. Hah.

(SAMMEH EDIT: The password was 4d76g286k10. =) I changed it back to your old one for you! Sleep tight, Specs.)

We've had Nate here for the past few days but he's packing up and leaving today. I don't think I've ever seen him so mellow. He said something like he'd stay longer but he doesn't think it would be a good idea...whatever that means. Whatever he came here to do, I hope he did it. I won't ask questions, I'm just the owner.

Hey, I got him in and out without shooting him. That's something positive.

Now the guy that sicced his guard dogs on me....not so lucky. I guess it's an occupational hazard with the whole guide thing but I lost an arrowhead in his rib cage and I'm sore over that too. And I hate killing dogs but he had those things trained and I didn't want to lose my leg. Then I'd need a peg leg too.

D'ah, I need to relax.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Busy day for us.

Aren't Sundays supposed to be slow?

Don't answer that.

I'm posting instead of Ryan tonight, because he's working overtime so he can have tomorrow off. I have a doctor's appointment scheduled for tomorrow (prenatal care and all that happy stuff), see, and he wants to be there for me...good god, he's such a sweetheart. Working overtime must suck, and doing it for me....wait, let me save the personal rants and gushing for my own blog tomorrow, haha.

First thing's first-- Nate stopped in today to stay for a while. I don't really have much of a comment towards this occurrence,  as is well I shouldn't-- Ryan does a damn good job of staying impartial here, so I'm not going to let my previous biases mess with business. He says he's only staying for a few days, anyway, so....that's not nearly enough time to piss off Tori and need chased out of here, right? Right. Either ways, it's been six months since he, Tori and I have all been in the same place, so this is bound to be interesting.

Second thing's second-- Ryan's decided that he needs to carry a weapon or two after all. After a lot of deliberation, he decided that the best thing to buy would be a longbow.

Now this might seem like a dumb or impractical choice, but hear our reasoning out. A rifle was nearly immediately put out of the question due to the fact that owning/procuring a legitimate firearm is a headache and a half to begin with. That aside, he's always shot right-handed, and...well, his trigger finger is less than functional anymore. Upon realizing that, the next thing that came to mind was-- a bow. 

Now, he's been shooting longbow since he was seven, and he's been taking down deer that way since he was nine-- which gave him a pretty clear preference for one. Apparently, the functionality of his hand doesn't impede his favorite style of draw, either. It fits with his "watch from afar first, confront directly later" philosophy, too-- and if from afar the person looks like they're going to be a problem, now he can just put an arrow through them. He's also confident in his ability to shoot in a timely fashion-- and I'm assuming that his teleporting mechanics will ensure that to work, what with being able to knock the arrow and draw faster than you can say "boo."

Arrows are also a little easier to clean up than bullets are. You can always rip them out of the person after all is said and done, and there's none of those pesky casings to find, heh.

We went down to damn near every hunting store in Allegheny County this afternoon, actually, trying to track down the right bow for him. Eventually we found a beautiful pro grade one and a set of a dozen arrows that we threw some more of my stash o' money at, plus a buck knife for each of us in the case of a close-range altercation. I feel as though it's all worth it-- so we can feel a little safer, even if the weaponry is a little bit primitive...the ability to kill is the ability to kill.

He almost took a practice shot at Nate, too. Heh. That should keep the man in line.

I think that's just about everything in the world of Antithesis, tonight. Oh, yes-- we're planning to put a few bookcases in the entry room, make a sort of private library for the entertainment of everyone who lives/visits here. If anyone has any suggestions as to books we should find, any must-haves or favorites, do let us know! It'll be a fun project, and reading will be something to do other than playing the Wii nonstop, haha-- which, as you may or may not have noticed, is our family bonding activity, hahaha.

It gets a little old loud.

Saturday, February 25, 2012


I'm sorry I disappeared for a few days. They were stressful. Yesterday made me glad that I don't give out the address here freely. I'm thanking my dad if I ever get a chance for teaching me how to be paranoid. I was so angry for a while there.

Anyone who reads the comments has seen that on my last post a person named "Nini" asked to come here a few days ago. Nothing weird there. I'm expecting to hear from unknown people. I thought this person would be a girl with a name like that who needed a few days of turnaround time like Liesical did. No big deal, right?

Turns out that "Nini" was a middle aged man, and that middle aged man was our "friend" Zwei. Ni is Japanese for two. I'm not falling for that one again. Luc and I are brushing up on our foreign language numerals now.

It was the first time I met Zwei in person. I recognized him somehow, I don't know how. He has this look with him that you just know he's not human no matter how good he is at pretending. I was kicking myself for not noticing the name and the obsession with the number two before I got to PPG Plaza. I don't like him at all. He's just as creepy as he is over typing. Even if he speaks clearly and intelligently now there's something really off about him. He didn't understand why I won't let him set a single toe in this house. For that he's an idiot. I don't trust you, Zwei. Even if we have a common enemy that does not make you my friend. Especially after everything you said to Lucia and I before.

I'm beginning to wonder if I shouldn't carry a weapon or something. I can only do so much bare handed even if I play around with my acceleration. I had a collection of hunting knives under my bed when I lived with my old family. There were mostly for show. I should have thought to bring them when I moved. I can shoot bow and rifle too but that would be a little harder to arrange. I'm going to think about this for a few days and get back to you all on that.

Nate. Send me an email and we'll arrange something to get you here for a while.

Diesel and I really need to get on Sammi's case about kleptoing up an air hockey table for us. I have no clue where we'd put it but it would be so much better for blowing off steam than the Wii. Air hockey doesn't have remotes that need recharged every few hours.

Monday, February 20, 2012


Knit left earlier. We're all going to miss her. She was a great guest and I hope she can come back and visit someday. She brought a bit of everything to Antithesis for everyone and I'm glad she found time to stop in.

Knit. Good luck on your job, wherever you are now....and remember to drop in if you need a bit of company again!

Second. I realized that I haven't done a count of people here in a while and now that we've had a few guests come through I think it's a good time. Right now we have three vacancies. And if we don't get more guests withing the week, Sammi is threatening to go on a cross-country Costco raid to bring us back every worthwhile Wii game there is. I'm actually not against that at all but let's try to put that off as long as we can.

Tonight I think we'll go see a movie.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Weekend Visit

KnitWolf is going to be spending the weekend with us. I'm leaving soon to go pick her up. She picked a great day to come to Pittsburgh. The weather is the best its been all year out there. I'm excited to meet her....not just because she's offering to cook for us either!

I think the best part of opening my home is meeting new people. If the boss had never suggested for me to do this, I wouldn't be making close to as many friends.

Monday, February 13, 2012


So we don't have to settle for three man tournaments anymore.

Sammi and Diesel made it back today from parts unknown. Or....more like Diesel made it back and almost broke my door down with Sammi slung over his shoulder, haha. She was okay, just yelling bloody murder for Diesel to put her down. She's crashed on her favorite couch now. It looks like she lost her glasses while she was gone so we'll have to find her a new pair as soon as possible.

She brought back old Ren's glasses though. I think it soothed Lucia's mind to see them back in her hands. She's talking about finding something proper to do with them...that would be a nice memorial for Ren.

It's kinda crazy here so I'm going to go more into detail another time, but we're going to have another guest for sure coming in on the weekend. It is definitely not going to be deadly quiet around here anymore!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Notes of the Day

Liesical left early in afternoon today. Diesel is driving him to Cleveland, and from there one of the others in charge of the transportation of items is going to give him a ride all the way back to the west coast. We're going to miss him. The past few days, he really opened up to us. It's a little sad to see him go so soon....but I'd miss my hometown and want to go home too after being away for so long. Maybe he'll come back to visit some day. We made him an honorary Mii on the Wii before he left, just in case. I hope he'll stay in touch.

Lucia and I went to see a Pens game later on. It was great. I'm too young to remember the original Winnipeg Jets but seeing the Thrashers sent to a real hockey town warmed my Russian-mutt heart. It's even better that the location change didn't change their being no good, hahaha. It was a great game. We offered to take Tori with us, but she wasn't feeling up to it....and she's a Baltimore sports fan at heart too. She stayed home and read and watched the cats while we went out and did crazy Pittsburgher things.

It's way too quiet with the house so empty, though. With luck we'll have Sammi and Diesel home sooner than later, plus we maaaaaaaay be getting another guest soon. I don't miss the quiet. We'll have to find something to do to pass the time and keep life interesting during the lull.

...three man Wii Sports Resort tournament?

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Guest Book, Other Stuff

Lucia and I decided that keeping a guest book for everyone that stays here at Antithesis would be a cool idea. You can see it up there on the top bar now. We only have two names right now but....I hope that list grows. This entire good host thing is a lot more satisfying than I thought it would be.

Liesical, our not-Tori guest, is getting used to it here at last. He's not a blogger but he reads around regularly enough to know what's going on, and he found us on sheer luck. He's only staying for another few days because he's not real comfortable around the cats and he has a bad allergy to Dairam (Tori's cat Kako too but mostly Dairam since he has more fur). At least he's starting to calm down from what ever had him as jumpy as he was....and once he arranges transportation back to his home in Washington, we'll help him out of town and see him off.

Sammi left to go search for something for Lucia's sake this morning. She took her personal laptop with her, so we'll still hear from her, but we don't know exactly where she's going or how long she'll be gone. She took the train to Chicago but from there we just don't know. I'm not worried about her though. She's tough and even though she couldn't survive in the woods for a week, she'd be living like a queen if you dropped her in the middle of a city with no money for a week.

That's everything I can think of right now...I think I'm gonna go sit in the park and draw more. I want to thank everyone who reads here for being such a good friend to Lucia and I even though I'm an idiot, too. I don't know where I'd be without my friends.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

It feels like a family.

I'm going to use this color for my posts, just so you don't have to scroll all the way to the bottom to see who's posting, heh. I'm just an orange kind of gal.

I figured this would be a better blog to post on than my personal one, just for the sake of...this relates to everyone living here, not just me. 

We're getting another guest sometime today. I don't know much about him beyond the fact that his name is Liesical and that I have this sinking feeling that he had a run-in with Tony whilest hanging around here. Just judging by his reaction to this "person that doesn't like proxies." Which means we have to get him off the streets as soon as we can. That brings us down to two vacancies, too, because Diesel found his way home last night. Hahaha, you should have seen the beard he grew in the weekish that he was gone before he shaved. You can definitely tell he's the oldest one of us.

In celebration of him coming home, we all went out to dinner at the Waterfront-- TGI Fridays, my treat. Even though none of us are old enough to drink (and I'm not touching alcohol ever again anyway.) sans Diesel, we still had a ball. Lots of laughing, catching up with each other-- well, after Diesel bemoaned his manly failure and need to find a girl while the rest of us laughed-- and everyone was hungry enough to eat a horse. Once I got my evening sickness under control (fresh cut lemons really do work wonders, Sammi has now brought me an entire bag), there was absolutely nothing left of my chicken, broccoli and shrimp. Though all the others gave me a run for my money....particularly Tori, haha. Hot damn, does she have an appetite.

Oh. Tori and I found out what Diesel had been transporting (at least from Chicago to New Orleans) while the three proxies in our little family talked business over the dinner table. Turns out there was a shit-ton of laptops brought to a place in Chicago where they hoard them-- laptops stolen from runners or taken from them after..."the boss caught up with them." They have a team in New Orleans that compiles all of the data from those and distributes it to the rest of the network.

You think they're smart?

Either ways, after dinner, we came back to Antithesis and decided to break in the Wii, since Sammi brought a TV home in celebration of Diesel's return (not quite as big as she'd aimed for, but still my armspan at least). I think this picture (taken from Diesel's new iPhone, no less), is self-explanatory. I promise when we get really good at the Mii games, we'll post some funny screencaps and videos.

From left to right is Tori, myself, Sammi, Ryan, and Diesel. Oh, Ryan does have a comment to add here...

software limitations

giving me eyes


Heh. Trust me, we spent at least a half hour trying to make his Mii look more like him....Nintendo never thought to make an eyepatch for these? Or an emo-haircut? Really? I'm still miffed about how ugly the pigtail style looks, though, and how the one I used is the closest I can get to curly hair.

But. That's a little glimpse into the home life of some proxies, a runner that said "fuck it," and a civilian who's in love with the master of the house.

Awwwww..... :)

Heh~. We're gonna wait to hear word from Liesical now--  peace out.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Amending Already

I made a small change to Rule 6 and a big change to Rule 7.

Also it looks like we'll be getting our first not-Tori guest soon.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Rules and Contacts

So you want to live here for a while? Cool. All you need to do is follow my rules and everything will be okay.

1. Deal with the candlelight. It's not that bad, we still have heat, running water, et cetera.....this is a classy place.

2. This is a classy place. It would be really suspicious if it blew up or burned down or anything. Seriously, you're only shooting yourself in the foot by doing anything stupid.

3. Don't try to kill each other. I don't want to have to clean blood out of the carpets.

4. Weapons are okay to have, but listen to the rule above.

5. Don't hog the Wii.

6. There are two bathrooms, but don't hog those either. Also in request from Tori, don't use all of the hot water in our suite's tanks.

7. If you mess with my pregnant girlfriend or her cat, I will kill you in the most horrific way she can imagine and/or hold you over a blast furnace until you melt from the inside out.

8. Keep the address and the general description of the building relatively secret. We're hiding in plain sight here. I don't need any more trouble than I'm worth.

I'll add and amend these as we go pretty much. So, uh, I think that's it. If you see this and want to stay, contact us at any time. We currently have four vacancies. You can find me at, and Lucia at

Happy trails.

Open House

I'm not good at writing big posts but here we go:

When I first took my job, I had to leave my old home before long. I was taken to a huge apartment and told that it was mine to keep on the condition that after I reached my goal, I used it like my boss wanted me to. I lived here alone for five months. At first I didn't know what to do with such a big space all to myself and in the defeated mood I was in, I hated the bright lights and the warmth. It's a perfect family home and I was alone. So I stopped using the electrical lighting and started lighting the place with candles. It gives it a good atmosphere and made it look less empty. That stuck because even though I'm not alone any more, I still use candles. I can't picture the place now with the lights on.

A few weeks ago, a few friends came to visit. That visit turned into a permanent stay. But the big thing I was missing was the person I cared about most. Everything took a turn for the better when she came to live with me too.

After a week or so of the best days of my life I figured that I'd better do what my boss told me to the day before Lucia and I became a couple. He told me to use my home as an experiment to see what would happen if there was a place like all the runner safehouses, only for people like me.

Coworkers, brothers and sisters, allies, straight up proxies, whatever you call yourselves.

I'm supposed to make a place that's like their hopeless little homes but without the threat of....well, us barging in and blowing everyone's brains out.

I'm starting this blog to let you all know about this place. It's somewhere that you can come to if you need to stay overnight nearby or heal if you're hurt in a fight or even if you only need to crash for a few days in a warm home and eat some real food. My door is open to anyone that needs it to be whether you're the friendliest one of us or the coldest. Just follow the rules that I'll be posting next and you can stay as long as you need. I have room for four to five guests at any given time because we have three to four permanent residents (and a cat, I'm sorry if you're allergic to cats).

Of course every home needs a name. It can't just be "Ryan's house." That's not impressive at all. It was really hard to come up with something that didn't sound stupid, or over dramatic, or pretentious. It took Lucia and I a few days of thinking before we came up with it and therefore the name of this blog.

The name of this house is Antithesis, because it's the opposite of a safehouse....and somehow safer than one. Haha.

I'll manage news, work things, and updates for this here but I'm keeping my own personal blog for my drawings. I've made Lucia an administrator too, just in case I need to leave for a while. She can hold down the house for me.

I'll be posting rules and contact information next. Hold on.

But anyway. Antithesis. You're all welcome here.