Monday, November 26, 2012

OoC: Out of time.

Alright, um...where to begin? I don't even know. D: Do you think we should start by first apologizing for disappearing for so long, for no apparent reason, and with no explanation? That should work! ...You first.

Hell no! Both of us together now: we're sorry.

Right, so that's that. First thing out of the way. We've got the ball rolling. I think. Erm....I'd better go into introductions before explanations, probably.

Alright! Awkward hello time! Yay! Oh I just love awkward hellos! For those of you who haven't met us out of character somewhere along the line, I'm the primary author of the Copycat canon, and I'm her co-author. :D I was the one who scripted our timelines and events and wrote Lucia, and I took her scripts and wrote Ryan. Among all of the other characters, anyway. This is the first time we (and yes, there's been two of us all along) are coming online publicly, as ourselves instead of our characters-- to talk to the whole bunch of bloggers out there (what's left of you all) instead of just talking at you guys for once. Er, well, we may still be taking at you.......but this time has a reason.

By now, you might have noticed/been irked by our persistent use of past tense. There's no easy way to come out and make the announcement that we've dragged ourselves online again for. You probably know what's coming. You're all smart and we're not the first ones to do this. And as much as we hate breaking character after so long, we couldn't just leave you guys hanging without explanation (even though we did for so long)...and we really, really, really hate doing it, especially after the months and months of carefully-crafted, carefully-upkept immersion in the obscenely complex and involved plot that we'd built for ourselves..... we'd given it a lot of thought over a tough few weeks... and we finally decided sometime in August-- that we're calling off our blog-verse. That is to say, Call me a Copycat, Antithesis, the functionally-dead-but-we-had-plans-for-paranormal-activity Remedial Sketchbook, and our season three antagonist's Someone Shot the Trumpeteer.

Now it's official. Oh I hate this. T_T Yeah,'s off our chests, hun.

It's taken us since August to write this post. 

And it's hard to say "I quit," after all of the time and effort that we've sunk into our canon (no, make that blogging as a whole!), not to mention how much fun we've had doing it...but our lives away from our writings have gone three ways to hell since the past summer. We can't keep this awesome game up anymore. We've come to the point nowadays where we just can't put out the quality of writing with the ease and speed that we used to-- and though for a while we kept up a pretty damn good facade of it at first, over the summer when we were able to write all damn night and live off of a few hours of sleep.....once we got back to school, things really started biting us in the asses.

Hopefully you'll take our explanations for this excuses and not want to punch us too badly when we're done. =x

I'll start. The first thing that started to go bad for us was when I moved from Pittsburgh to Lewiston, Maine this past summer. It was an unforeseen sort of thing and there wasn't anything I could do about it. I'm actually a minor and it's not like I could just move in with her. By the way, the move had NOTHING to do with the killing off of my character. We actually planned to have him die a long time before we did do him in but then we thought that a longer life would, um.....uh yeah sorry about all of your heart strings. D8

Any way. I moved and now we couldn't just jump out our bedroom windows and run a few streets at 3 AM anymore if we needed to talk something over or hammer out a part of our writing or even if we just wanted to chill. And we still keep in touch but we haven't been able to brainstorm or share creative thoughts at the drop of a hat like we used's just hard. I miss her (shut up, you're gonna make me cry.... ;_;) and I feel like I'm completely out of touch with not only home I left in PA but by now our blogging and the world we built together. I can't even get on the computer much anymore to do school stuff let alone write or help to write a blog series. I hate it. This is why this blog here was the first one to fall to the wolves from neglect. I was supposed to continue and write Sammi when Ryan died but that didn't happen. I feel guilty really for being the first nail in our story's coffin.

Oh, don't say that, damnit! It was really me that killed our writing, and I'll admit that. is eating my life. Even though the fact that he's six states away these days was weighing on my mind-- I'm drowning under eighteen college credits as a commuting OT major. It was tough to keep up, and I really tried to. And then I had a mental breakdown/eye strain attack during my second week of classes.

I just go so far behind myself on our blogging...and really, I had no intention of "Leichentuch von Federn" being my last post. Hell, it was supposed to lead into....something, something I don't even remember anymore. I'm furious with myself over all of the plotlines that I started early on and left hanging for too long. I had an ending for all of them somewhere back there, and now I don't even remember what they all were.

The big part that stopped us from just writing a quick ending and packing up cleanly was, we cared too much about our story to just give it a bad ending. Seriously, we love our characters way too much to just give them a mediocre, "woo, that's that, happily/sadly ever after" treatment. We felt like it would be worse to end it than to leave it hanging once we couldn't write anymore. So that's the big reason why it's been three months since you've seen hide or hair of us.

When we started writing in August 2011, it was a sort of experiment on my part-- an exercise to teach myself how to write spontaneously and  well at the same time, all while keeping to a schedule. I actually wasn't supposed to write at first but I started getting involved as Ryan and it took off from there. I'd like to believe that it was a success, you know? I achieved so much more than I ever hoped to. The both of us definitely grew as authors...but I figure it was more about the journey than the destination, haha.

I'd never been so emotionally involved in my writing. I never wrote seriously before.

At the end of everything, our experience here was a great ride. I absolutely loved donning the personality of Lucia and coming online every day to something new. And I'm so thankful that I met all of you, too many of you to name-- and hell, it's you guys that made this so much fun! So from the bottom of my heart....thank you to everyone who followed us, who supported us, who antagonized us....everyone who was part of our canon, too. You all really helped us turn this from a writing exercise into a seriously memorable period of our lives.

I started off as an extra and ended up missed. And that enough makes me in awe of you all for actually liking my writing. Really tho. I had the most fun I can remember having for a long time here.

We love you guys. Yes. Yes we do.

 And as for our characters? Well...

Lucia went on to have a happy and healthy baby on October 3rd. One day, she'll be as back to normal as she's ever going to be (though she's never, ever going too marry because there's no way she's ever going to be able to replace Ryan. Let's be realistic here.). And one day, she'll make it out to California (by plane as opposed to train) to live with her dad and be reunited with her little brothers.

Speaking of her dad! N. Michelangelo Catalliagna is a weapons designer/dealer-- one of his brainchild designs happened to be Leo's fighting fans. He's a Bunny Ears Lawyer at heart and I wish you all could have gotten to know him the way we designed him.

Sammi and Diesel go on to run Antithesis after Lucia leaves town.

Ryan  may or may not have committed a grand coup on Lucia's guardian angel. <3

Leo's going to be burning buildings until the day he dies....which, all things considered, might not be far off-- but he's okay with that. As long as he goes down in flames, he's chill.

The Manticore leaves Lucia when she leaves the state. He goes off in search of a more suitable host body, though something in him might have changed after witnessing all of the events that he did. Where did he go, might you ask? Well...hell if we know.

And Devin? He's going to grow up to be a real troublemaker. Just like his dad! And ornery as a mule like his mom, too, haha. His eyes are going to be slanted like a cat's (like Lucia's) and emerald green (like Ryan's!) once they settle into their colors...but as for now, he's quite a cute little baby!

So at the end of the day...keep on evading that Slenderman, boys and girls. Or killing people on his bidding! Whatever you do-- do it your way, do it differently, and have all the fucking fun in the world with it while you can! We're going to miss you all terribly. It's been one hell of a ride!

 The authors!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Waves are risin' for this time of year

So Whitecrow is gone. He kinda floated out on Tuesday. Good riddance.

I don't miss him, and I don't think anyone does. You know, it was sorta hilarious to watch him talk of big game, act like a douche, pick a fight with Lucylu....and then spend the rest of the week huddled in his bed like a little ninny! Hah. What goes around comes around, cockshiner.

Everyone got to breathe again, finally, without having to worry about his stanky birdy stank getting in their noses. We've all been so seriously stressed out, so it's a nice change. Tori has been committing laptop homicide....unfortunately, Lucylu committed the electronic version of involuntary manslaughter via a cup of coffee right around the same time. Oops. I've gotten Diesel to bring her back a shiny new laptop, though. With luck, this one won't meet with such a terrible fate.

I think there's something else on Lucylu's mind too, though. And I think I know what that is. Just  a hunch. Haha. It's not like her to stay off of the computer this long. I'll see if I can't prod her into coming clean about it tonight.



Saturday, August 4, 2012

A crow flew to me

So, I've got some good news, some bad news, and some funny news for all of you.....

 In that order!

The good news (aside from that I'm writing again! :D) is that we've got another guest in the house for the first time since Specs passed away. Liesical left yesterday for an undisclosed reason, actually, but today we got a new guy on pretty short notice. And by short notice....I mean like, we knew he was coming about an hour in advance. But that's all cool, right? A guest is a guest, and a new face is always welcome.

The bad news? Well, the guest so happens to be the guy that sent Lucylu's blood pressure through the roof two months ago....oops. I was worried on how she was going to handle this one, to be honest.

But that brings me to the funny news:

Lucylu took it all with calmness, grace, and then proceeded to break the bird-based-boy's nose with a punch to the beak.

She wants to post about that herself though, so I'll let her do that and link this post to it when it happens. XD Aw yeah. Antithesis is back in business! Also thank you millions for cleaning up the blog for me, Diesel. T_T


EDIT: And here's Lucylu's post.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Cleaning things up.

Diesel here.

Since Sammi seems to have said fuck-all to keeping up with this blog lately, I'm going to give it a once-over and do some editing to bring it back to its former usefulness between now and my next run on Wednesday.

Just a public service announcement. Keep calm and carry on.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Dark Side Has Cookies

Sammi's cookies to be exact. 

Hello all, this is Tori. I've already made a post on my blog with details about this, so here's the spark-notes version. I'm not a proxy and I'm still the medic here at Antithesis. Lucia added me to the roster here, so I figured I'd do something with it. 
I'm not exactly sure what that "something" is yet... Hey, I can't spend a month over every decision I make, right? I figure that I'll just post when needed. I'm sure that if you wanted to listen to whatever popped into my mind you'd follow my personal blog. 

So I'll just leave you with the best way to kill time on your computer ever.

Monday, June 18, 2012

A bleeding heart still pounds

Well, let's see, what's new here?

Lucylu's gotten her voice back from Ursula the, no, I wasn't watching The Little Mermaid or anything like that, why the hell are you looking at me that way? Anyway, Lucylu is speaking again, and boy am I glad to have her back. Even though I was one of the people that was all like, "LUCIA! Y U NO SPEAK TO US BEFORE YOU SPEAK TO COMPUTER!?" Gotta respect that she picked 2 AM to brave it. I know I was sure as hell asleep. I worked nine to five that day and I'd sooner stick pins in my eyeballs than be up at two after a nine to five.

Anyway where was I? Oh, Lucia beating the post-traumatic mime disorder.....right. Well.....about that. Since maybe ten o' clock tonight, she hasn't stopped talking. Or to be more specific, cursing loudly. Very loudly. And colorfully. See, she was friends with the Luminoth guy that this douche turned into an accessory the other day......not to phrase it like that, but....yeah. When I found out that that's what went down, I was worried that it would shock her back into silence. On the contrary, she's taking it sportingly with anger, and has politely warned said cocky douche that she's going to break his nose in a heartbeat if she ever sees him in person. Personally, I'd do worse, but.....

Man, do I feel bad for her, still.

Wolfy's been through the wringer lately, too. She and Lucylu have been leaning on each other to varying extents about everything. I'll let them talk about those things though, because....I'm just here to help and be the designated, plucky comedy relief (which I have been doing a bad job of lately. Can you blame me?). I'm not the person to be a storyjacker. Fell and I have been talking a lot lately, too. The big thing the four of us have gotten from talking as a group lately is deciding to make a gigantic shopping run together and generally be girly sometime this week. We need it to distract ourselves from all of the stress and mess, I think. We scheduled hair appointments and everything, so I'm excited!

If you couldn't tell yet, baking some cookies and stealing (and then scrapping for the good of humanity) a few tubas has done wonders for my mood this week. I think I can speak for both Diesel and myself when I say that life has returned to its normal pace at long last. We wake up, hang around, go to work, and come home, just like we used to. We've pretty much accepted that things are never going to be the exact same in here, ever again.....but we can't dwell on it, and we can try our damndest to come as close as we can.

The only thing that's still eating at me is what I can take away from this past month to make myself a better person. Hey, I'm not letting Specs' influence on me disappear just like that.


Friday, June 8, 2012

It's a long way

I hate to say it, but guess what? We've somehow gotten to be in even worse shape.

Lucylu's doing better, I'll give her that, and an "A" for effort. Since the last time I posted, she hasn't had any major malfunctions or meltdowns or freak moments of shouting at a poltergeist......well, no worse than the rest of us, anyway. For all of us, now that the initial hurt and shock are over, they've been replaced by a big dark cloud of silence or emptiness. Like I said....I give Lucia credit because she's trying her damndest to come to terms with it. That's more than I can say for myself. I've just been pushing it out of my head, which is all good and well until I come home for dinner and see the empty spot at the head of the table.

Then I'm more like Diesel. He's been sullen and introverted, and suddenly doing things that he hasn't done in months, maybe years. Like deciding out of the blue one day that he wanted to get around to fixing the broken toy soldiers in his collection, or maybe coming home from work late because he felt like buffing a long-standing dent out of his truck's cab. It's almost, well....I think he's decided to stop putting shit off. I think this all has given him a new outlook on life. He's supposed to go out on a short run starting tomorrow afternoon and be back within a few days, too. I hope that, maybe, the open road'll help his mood.

What's really bugging me today now is that I'm worried as shit about Wolfy. From what I can gather, she took a trip to try and find this guy she cares about.....didn't find him, and the boss was pissed that she even tried. I was there when she came back, Fell and I were....and Lucylu was sleeping, thank god.....but the boss was in the house too like a second after Wolfy was, and boy was he mad. He tore up her's knitted doll, threw it at her and just turned and vanished....he was there long enough for me to panic but not long enough to freak out. I was more worried about her once he was gone, because I saw that she was bleeding. Once I saw the blood was black, though....I ran for the first aid kit.

Fell cleaned the wound and patched her up, and we tried to talk to her.....she's not talking now, either. Even worse, she's just got her laptop in her hands and sitting there, no matter what Fell and I do....I just feel so useless anymore. I can't help Lucylu feel better, I can't help Wolfy find who she's looking for, and I couldn't even help Specs.

Alright, it's last resort time.....when in doubt, bake. It'll help me get my mind to a better spot and maybe some cookies will brighten someone's day, at least.


[[Dieseledit]] My altruism has a rash and it itches like a bitch: I swear that I'm the only one who's seen this so far. Seems like a certain self-imposed martyr is trying to pick up his pieces at long last and get a grip on his life. I'm not sure whether to point it out to Lucia or not, or if she's seen it, or I dunno....I just don't want to cause another complication. I just feel like he might be getting an angle that we're incapable of.

I've seen it. somebody tell him that Clay isn't an "it."

On a different note, yes. I'm determined to finish my bucket list at a young age. Even if it's a little mundane. The score still sits at Saebr: 3 and Diesel: 0. I'm going to even it, damn it.